Today, Börje Salming, 71, can no longer speak, but instead communicates via a tablet that reads out what he wants to say.

He also cannot eat by himself, but is tube-fed to get nutrition.

When he was asked by Expressen if he wanted to say something to his supporters, he wrote "I'm thinking of you" on his tablet and gave a thumbs up.

Mrs. Pia, 54, talks about her feelings about Börje's illness:

- It cannot be described.

Seeing the person you love feel this bad… and you can't do anything.

It is a pain every day to see how bad Börje is.

And this frustration – we hardly have time, says Pia Salming.

She describes the time after the ice hockey legend received his diagnosis.

- Then it was pitch black.

He was very depressed and very sad.

Until you know for sure, you still have the hope that it is not as bad as it seems, says Pia Salming.

Here, Börje Salming was celebrated with a standing ovation in the Canada Cup in 1976

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Here, Börje Salming is celebrated with a standing ovation in the Canada Cup 1976