At the women's volleyball world championships held in the Netherlands and Poland, Japan faced Italy in the second match of the second league on the 5th, losing 1-3 in sets.

As a result, the overall record of the second league in Japan is 1 win and 1 loss.

Japan, ranked 7th in the world, won the first match of the second round, and in the second match on the 5th, they faced Italy, ranked 3rd in the world.

Japan were allowed to take the lead at the start of the first set, but ISHIKAWA Mayu's clever spikes that evaded the opponent's block, and INOUE Arisa's back attack, which was in good form in this tournament, made it 25-20. I took

However, after that, Italy's strong spikes and blocks prevented them, and they lost the second set 20-25 and the third set 14-25 in quick succession.

With no trace left, Japan created a highlight in the fourth set with HAYASHI Kotuna's feint and Ishikawa's spikes, but they were overwhelmed by Italy and lost 15-25.

As a result, Japan lost with a set count of 1 to 3, and their overall record in the second league was 1 win and 1 loss.

Japan will play Puerto Rico, ranked 17th in the world, in their third match on the 7th.