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On his wedding day,

Andriy Lunin

(Krasnohrad, Ukraine, 1999) appeared in a gray tracksuit and white sneakers.


Anastasia Tamazova

, repeated the outfit of her future husband, although with white colors.

They celebrated the ceremony in


, privately and civilly, and its echo reached the sports city of


, where they joked with the young goalkeeper throughout the week.

It was, the people close to the Madrid dressing room say half jokingly, one of the few times they have seen the goalkeeper laugh out loud.

The 23-year

-old Ukrainian



's iron man .

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The reality of Lunin cannot be understood, logically, without

the war in his country



a sober and even "mysterious" character

, they say from the club, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced him to be part of a

media focus

from which he has always stayed away.

He has collected


for weeks at a local

Méndez Álvaro

, has participated in events in Madrid with

young Ukrainians

and has even been seen in some


against the military action of the Government of

Vladimir Putin


"Live the war in silence"

«He lives the war in silence, like a monk», they reveal from Valdebebas, where they highlight his «professionalism» during these years: «He is very serious, but

he only lives to train


It doesn't matter what time it is or what he has rested », they value about a characteristic that has amazed the locker room.

The situation in Ukraine has the squad and the coaching staff on edge and at the time they were offered to take "a few days" to assimilate everything.

But Lunin remained anchored in his professionalism.

Nothing seems to affect him publicly.


He has never given a problem

", they praise.


, as a starter and reference, and


, the goalkeeper coach, are his main supporters in the locker room.

But they are just that, because Lunin's interior is "

a mystery

" for Madrid.

Cold as ice

before the war, the invasion has not changed his way of being, something that is respected in the Madrid squad, even more so in these circumstances.

The Ukrainian has a family in the country and is still waiting for all the help that can be offered, but now his professional career has taken a 180-degree turn due to Courtois' injury.

He was already a starter against


, in what meant his

debut in this League

and his

eighth game in the competition

(he played five with Leganés in 18-19), and now he faces his

first appearance in the Champions


Seventh game with Madrid

Shakhtar 's is Lunin's

seventh participation

in a Madrid duel since the white team announced his

signing in the summer of 2018

, more than four years ago.

Since then his life and his career, which had gone at the speed of light, have hit the pause button.

In 2012, at the age of


, he was in the


youth academy and in 2016, at 17, suddenly and as if in a flash, he made his debut with the


first team in the highest category of Ukrainian football.

That summer he went to


, with whom he played in the

Europa League

and made the leap to the

national team

, and in 2018 he flew to

Real Madrid


He was only 19 years old, but it was his time.

At the Bernabéu he went from protagonist to luxury spectator.

From Ukrainian soccer star to second to one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

For any other young player, having an elite footballer ahead can be positive, but there are hardly any rotations in goal.

For three years, the board has tried to find

minutes for him in Leganés, Valladolid and Oviedo

, but it has not exploded.

Since his arrival in Madrid, Lunin has accumulated only

35 games

, 20 of them with the Asturians in the Second Division.

For all this, this week as a starter could be a

turning point

in his career.

His contract ends in 2024 and he will have to make a decision: continue with the Madrid Master in the shadow of Courtois or seek his own path, the one that for now will put Chamartín's sticks low in the European Cup.

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