• The perpetrators must be held accountable

  • Increase transparency

  • Focus on safety in youth football to promote a professional environment where players are treated with respect

The investigators also write that the recommendations are not complete but should be seen as a guideline to prevent institutional failures that perpetuate misconduct and to promote a safe and respectful environment for professional female soccer players.

The problems are rooted in youth football

According to the investigation, much points to the fact that the problems are rooted in youth soccer and that the culture of tolerating verbal abuse against players goes beyond the NWSL.

“Although the investigation was limited to allegations of misconduct in the league, it also shows that some of the coaches whose conduct we investigated had links to youth football.

Players also shared that their experiences of verbal abuse and unclear relationships with coaches at the youth level affected their ability to discern what crossed the lines in the NWSL.”

Abuse shook the league - the Swede says: "Unbelievably tough" (February 23):

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Julia Roddar, Washington Spirit, in Portugal with the national team.