Professional baseball Giants' suppression Many pitchers made 37 saves in the final game of the regular season on the 2nd, lining up with the record for the most saves by newcomers.

A large number of pitchers went up to the mound as the fourth pitcher in the 9th inning when they led 3 to 1 and 2 points in the final game of the season held at Yokohama Stadium on the 2nd.

Many pitchers were hit in a row and invited a pinch with 1st base and 3rd base, and lost 1 point due to an error on the side, but made their 37th save by suppressing the following.

With this, many pitchers are on par with DeNA's Yasuaki Yamazaki in 2015 and Ryoji Kuribayashi's pitcher in Hiroshima last season.

Despite being a newcomer, many pitchers were entrusted with holding down from the opening of the season this season.

A lot of pitchers said, ``I was able to get through the season without injury because the director and coaches took care of the pitching intervals, and I was able to make 37 saves in the second half of the game. There were times when it didn't go well, but as a result of correcting it in my own way and facing the next pitch, I was able to accumulate saves."