There are days when aesthetics is a lie and football is torment.

It occurs when success is not sought, but relief.

Javier Aguirre likes to say that footballers are like his children.

And that beyond the tactics and the data, the baroque style and the spectacle, football is nothing more than an exercise in survival.

His Mallorca, thus, committed everything he could to a Barcelona with no more arabesques than order and leg.

A plan that in other times could have been perfect, but that the special players turn into a doodle.

Robert Lewandowski

corrupted the stage from nowhere, with a cut and a shoe on his team's first shot on goal.

On nights like this, he swims like a player who can turn mud into gold.

[Narration and statistics]

It was not surprising that

Xavi Hernández

showed up at Son Moix with a crooked gesture, fearing a hard battle and at the wrong time, three days before playing half a continental life in San Siro.

With five Barça players injured, the defense made some foxes, and


forced to rest, identifying the team was a sindio.

It was the turn of the inexperienced


to play right back.

He did his best against the incisive

Kang In Lee




Jordi Alba

, meanwhile, recovered a gap as starters.

Even if it were only to show a twilight that they refuse to accept.


's final point football appeared in the center of the field

, more aware of the hammer than of the brush.

And in attack Ansu, still minimized, debuted as a starter in the League.

Mallorca did not have to change anything, neither in body nor soul.

Sheltered in her five defense structure and with the


stalk poised for the hunt, she quickly hinted at her weapon.

What difference does it make that the ball hardly moved and that the soccer players were piled up in plots converted into punishment cells.

Aguirre's men would manage to string together good chances, although none of them were attacked with conviction.

Although none of that bothered Lewandowski, whom few had noticed until Ansu made


dizzy and offered him the ball.

The Pole, despite advancing to the top of the box, tricked



He simulated with his eyes that he would look for a center, when his body did the opposite.

He twisted the center back's waist with a twist, and delivered an accurate kick to the ball.


, the Serbian goalkeeper of Mallorca, launched himself knowing he was already condemned.

There are already nine goals for Lewandowski in the League.

Ter Stegen's nirvana

Barcelona, ​​aware of the difficulties, returned to patience, to the game with two and three touches, and to the solutions that Lewandowski could offer.

While Mallorca, willing to resist weaving cobwebs, suffered its bad leg.

The heavens opened for

Jaume Costa

before the break after Balde did not follow him and Piqué did not come to the rescue.


Ter Stegen

, stuck in the center of the goal, closed the door.

The meta continues in his nirvana.

The nocturnal hypnosis was barely interrupted by a riot that ended with the expulsion of

Òscar Hernández

, Xavi's assistant and brother, and that outcome in which Mallorca came within a span of equalizing.

Kang In Lee hit too cross to the desperation of the long-suffering Son Moix fans.

Barcelona, ​​with heartbeats soaring, swallowed hard.

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