Marcus Ericsson has had a successful season with a win in the Indy 500, and a sixth place overall in the championship.

Little brother Hampus Ericsson tries not to be worse himself, and is in third place in the Porsche Carrera Cup, which is visited by big brother Marcus and Felix Rosenqvist in Saturday's final.

- That was one of the reasons why I wanted to come back and make this entry at Mantorp in the Porsche final and get to compete with - and against - Hampus.

So it's fun, he's incredibly talented, says Marcus Ericsson to SVT Sport.

Trying to act as a mentor

Despite the time difference, Marcus Ericsson tries to follow his younger brother's competition.

- It's fun, I follow Hampus very closely even when I'm away in the US and try to talk to him and give him tips and advice.

Does he listen to big brother?


He is really good at listening and absorbing.

I try to be a good mentor there.

"An ordinary guy from Kumla"

Ericsson does not hide under the chair that he has had a successful season.

- An ordinary guy from Kumla has come all the way to the USA.

- Just driving the Indy 500, but also winning, and becoming part of the exclusive club of winners, that's incredibly big.

CUT: Who is Marcus Ericsson

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Marcus Ericsson.

Photo: Bildbyrån