China News Service, Beijing, October 1st (Liu Xingchen) In your circle of friends, are there such people who like to post their own healthy meals, which are full of green at a glance?

Perhaps, you have also heard of other drinks such as "Huoxiang Zhengqi American Style" and "White Flower Snake Grass Water"... When young people make more and more efforts in "eating", they begin to realize that "health can be eaten" of".

  As a result, many people began to eat light food and control the intake of staple food, but they still lost in the battle with body weight.

The 11th holiday is coming, do you want to let your little belly get better with a reasonable meal?

Please take care of this pro-tested and effective weight loss diet guide.

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"Eat nutritious meals, you have to stick to it"

  Before going to get off work and after work, this is Zhang Rongchen's daily weighing time, and he always pays attention to the changes in the numbers on the electronic scale.

  In the eyes of outsiders, Zhang Rongchen is not fat.

But after working from home for more than a month, the weight gain was somewhat uncontrolled, and he became anxious.

  So, from July to August, Zhang Rongchen found a nutritious recipe on the Internet.

After get off work every day, he would get into the kitchen to fiddle around and make nutritious meals that suit him.

  "Although it is not as delicious as takeout, at least it can be guaranteed to be healthy. I will stick to it for a while to see the effect." In order to increase the sense of satisfaction, Zhang Rongchen always adds a cup of yogurt to the meal.

  In the company, when colleagues took out their mobile phones to choose lunch, Zhang Rongchen would go to enjoy his nutritious meal.

  In this way, in one month, he lost 4 pounds, and his weight returned to within 60 kilograms again.

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"I ate more variety and lost weight"

  "It is very feasible to lose weight by eating healthy food." This is the conclusion drawn by Zhao Lirui after her practice.

In the past, there was almost no meat in her home cooking. Zhao Lirui bluntly said that she didn't feel anything about meat.

But even so, there is still no weight loss.

  She then began to increase the variety of food intake and control food intake to regulate her weight.

In her opinion, eating a single type of food is not healthy.

"Now I have the heart to start losing weight, so I have to make a change."

  For office workers, morning time is precious.

But in order to have breakfast at home, Zhao Lirui gets up 10-15 minutes early almost every day.

At the dinner table, she chooses to start the day with bread, fruit, nuts, eggs, and oat milk.

  In the choice of staple food, taro, corn, and sweet potato replaced her previous favorite rice.

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"Intentionally reduce the number of takeaway orders"

  In the hospital corridor, Zhang Chen walked in a hurry. He was in unbearable pain and was told that a stone had grown in his body.

  That night, he kept drinking water.

It wasn't until five o'clock in the morning the next day, when the pain eased a little, that he fell asleep naturally.

  On weekdays, Zhang Chen, who lives in Tianjin and Qinhuangdao, always buys and cooks by himself.

But when he came to Shanghai for an internship alone, facing the unbearable heat in the kitchen, he had to start ordering takeout.

  "Here, I prefer to eat pasta. But compared to the north, the amount of oil and salt used in takeaways in the south is greater." .

  After returning from the hospital, he began to change his eating habits.

"I order takeout much less often now, and I usually drink more water. I have lost about 5 pounds recently."

  In his view, maintaining a good diet while supplementing it with physical activity will achieve better results.

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Healthy Eating According to Experts

  In constant exploration, many people have found the secret to losing weight.

And in the eyes of experts, how to maintain the figure through a reasonable diet?

  According to Liu Yinghua, president of the Clinical Nutrition and Health Branch of the China Health Management Association, excessive total food energy intake, poor eating habits, and mental stress are all causes of obesity.

In the dietary management of obese people, she recommends avoiding foods with high starch content such as fans, potatoes, and lotus root, and prohibiting alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages.

  For takeaways that many young people usually order, Hao Ying, a physician and registered dietitian at Beijing First Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, put forward the principle of "one increase and one decrease" to increase dietary factors that reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, soybeans and their products, fish, nuts, drinking water (tea); reducing dietary factors that increase the risk of chronic disease, such as smoked meat, alcohol, refined sugar, and fats and oils.

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  "It is not feasible to achieve weight loss by drinking coffee without diet and exercise." Hao Ying put forward her own views on the idea of ​​many people drinking coffee to control their weight.

In her opinion, the weight loss effect of coffee is not significant.

Consuming 400mg of caffeine (two cups of iced American style), the increased energy consumption in 3 hours is only 40kcal, which is equivalent to the calories of half an apple.

  In order to better control their weight, many young people choose not to eat at night, or not to eat staple food.

Hao Ying pointed out that if you go to bed late, it may lead to gastrointestinal disorders and increase the risk of hypoglycemia symptoms such as inability to concentrate.

It is more reasonable to eat dinner 3 hours before bedtime.

  Regarding the energy that needs to be taken scientifically for each meal, Hao Ying introduced the "three-four-five" diet principle: 300kcal for breakfast, 400kcal for lunch/dinner, 500kcal for dinner/lunch, 150kcal each for morning and afternoon snacks, and the total calorie for the whole day is about 1500kcal .

  Regarding the upcoming National Day holiday, Hao Ying joked that she should not let her stomach "work overtime".

While ensuring the regularity of three meals, it is necessary to control the intake of snacks and beverages. During dinners and dramas, some desserts and puffed foods can be replaced with fruits, nuts, dairy products, etc.

In addition, you should pay attention to nutritional and calorie balance when ordering meals out, and try to avoid overeating.

  This pro-tested and effective dietary guide, you may wish to try it during the National Day holiday.

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