The professional baseball giants held a scout meeting at the team office in Tokyo on the 28th, and at next month's draft meeting, Shogo Asano of Takamatsu Commercial in Kagawa, who hit three home runs in the national high school baseball this summer. We decided to nominate the first place.

Takamatsu Commercial's Asano is an outfielder who has both slugging power and speed, and has been active in the national high school baseball this summer, hitting 70% in 3 games and hitting 3 home runs. was also selected to represent Japan.

On the 28th, the giant held a scout meeting for about 3 hours at the team office in Tokyo for next month's draft meeting, with director Tatsunori Hara also attending.

After the meeting, Atsuhiro Otsuka, deputy representative of the baseball team, responded to the press interview, "This year is a fielder. I think it will be a lottery, but I will nominate the first draft pick with an emphasis on future prospects." did.

After that, when asked about the player, he said that he was a player who was selected for the Japan national team under the age of 18, and said, "He is small, but he has the triple threat of running, offense, and defense, and he has punch power, and he can also hit the right direction. He can hit, has fast feet, and is a star.

The Giants continued to enthusiastically inspect the World Cup held in the United States this month, such as dispatching a scout in charge of Asano.

The professional baseball draft meeting will be held on the 20th of next month.