Brynäs chooses to act after an incident during an SHL match this weekend when two of their own players were seen wearing the away team's colors.

Both players are young, one belongs to the SDHL team and one is a women's junior, which the club takes into account.

One player is suspended from match play for two weeks and one for four weeks.

- If you act in an inappropriate way, consequences also follow.

Both have misbehaved, but we also see that their behavior on Tuesday night has differed, says club director Håkan Svedman in a statement on the club's website.

Brynä's coach Filip Eriksson says that they talked to the players, their families and their teammates.

- Everyone is aware of what happened and that this is not how you do things in Brynäs.

They have apologized for their actions and are very remorseful.

They fully agree that they have behaved in a way that we do not accept, says Eriksson.

SVT Sport has been in contact with the club's communications manager Martin Löf Nyqvist, who refers to the statements on the club's website.