• Brazil beat Tunisia in a friendly match on Tuesday night at the Parc des Princes.

  • During this match, a banana was thrown from the stands towards the Brazilian Richarlison, while the latter was celebrating a goal.

  • This is unfortunately not the only incident to deplore in this meeting

At the Parc des Princes,

Looking weary, Thiago Silva does not understand.

The Brazil captain can't believe he still has to fight against this level of stupidity.

During the friendly match between Seleçao and Tunisia (5-1) on Tuesday evening at the Parc des Princes, his teammate Richarlison was the target of a banana throw from the stands as he celebrated his goal, the second of his team.

“We continue to see this kind of thing, from another age, deplores the former PSG defender, who saw the images at halftime.

Unfortunately, you can't change people's mentality.

I hope they will be aware that it can't happen anymore.

It's the past, we have to change.

I am sad to have seen this gesture.

It's not football.


The Brazilian Federation also reacted via a statement posted on its Twitter account.

“Lamentably, after an action, a banana was thrown on the lawn in the direction of Richarlison, author of the second Brazilian goal.

The CBF reaffirms its position in the fight against racism and rejects any form of prejudice,” wrote the CBF.

Após o segundo gol do Brasil, a banana faith arremessada em direção a Richarlison.

A CBF reinforced his position against discrimination and vehemently repudiated but an episódio of racism no futebol.

📷: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF pic.twitter.com/hcUqBjFxrz

— CBF Futebol (@CBF_Futebol) September 27, 2022

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Coach Tite raised his voice at a press conference: "Football does not justify everything", he said, before calling for "better education of young people" and "punishments" for this kind of behaviours.

This foolish act spoiled the party, as did the whistles that accompanied the Brazilian anthem at the start of the game.

Marquinhos, in particular, looked particularly annoyed.

At least as much as Tite on his bench.

" It's a lack of respect.

Football is a sport that promotes inclusion,” thundered the Brazilian boss.

To complete the picture, the match was interrupted for a few moments in the first period following complaints from Seleçao players, targeted by lasers.

The stadium announcer reminded everyone that it was of course forbidden, but that didn't stop a few people from continuing after the break.

Too bad, because the overwhelming majority of Tunisian supporters, who had been waiting for this match for a long time, had a good atmosphere before the match and made the Park roar, despite the heavy defeat.

But that's probably not what we'll be talking about Wednesday morning. 


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