Rajacic is satisfied that the draw did not mean that some of the biggest favorites already meet in the quarter-finals.

- It was the fairest draw but it can still be exciting and I think one of the favorites can fall, says the expert.

For example, Rajacic believes that Australia could have a tough time against Belgium because the pressure on the home team will be "unbearable".

In addition, France could upset the Chinese with a good effort.

Despite everything, the SVT expert predicts that it will be a dream final between the USA and Australia when the gold medals are to be shared.

The expert's tip in the quarter-finals


"The US will win, that's pretty clear.

But I think we'll still see some good basketball because Serbia has shown time and time again that they don't give up.”

Canada-Puerto Rico

“Canada will win.

I'm betting everything I own on them moving on"


"Belgium have lost their mega star Emma Meeseman to injury but I have a feeling Australia will have so much pressure on them, it will be tight."


"China, together with the USA and Canada, has shown the best defense so far, but France has a secret weapon and that is their defence.

It maintains a terribly high level.

On the other hand, the attack is shaky, but if France clicks, even the top nation China can smoke."

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Australia - Serbia 25/9 Photo: Australia - Serbia 25/9