The soccer J-League has newly issued a club license that allows them to participate in J1 next season to J2's "Iwate Gruja Morioka".

The J.League has established a "club license system" for the purpose of sound management of the club and the development of a fulfilling spectator facility. increase.

On the 27th, the J League announced the clubs that will issue J1 licenses for the next season, and newly issued them to J2 "Iwate Gruja Morioka".

Gruja has not been able to secure a stadium that can accommodate more than 15,000 people, which is one of the conditions for granting the license, but in the future, it will be exceptional on the condition that it will maintain a stadium that meets the standards. was licensed for J1.

On the 27th, J3 club licenses were issued to six teams, including JFL's Rheinmail Aomori.

On the other hand, Criason Shinjuku, which is also based in Tokyo in JFL, did not meet the criteria such as securing a home stadium, so the license was not issued.

Regarding this, Yoshikazu Nonomura, chairman of the J. I would like to consider the necessary review."