Frida Karlsson is currently in Germany for a week's training together with personal trainer Per Nilsson, who for this season is also the national team coach for the German ladies.

- Straight ahead only Frida, through the barrier, Nilsson instructs his mentee during the conversation with SVT Sport and continues:

- We follow up the training, I have been less with Frida now.

Now it will be a week together when I feel calmer with the Germans.

"Being able to take more personal responsibility"

With your new job, how much have you been able to assist Frida Karlsson during this pre-season?

- She gets to take more personal responsibility for her training, there will be more on the phone.

After all, Frida is Frida and wants full responsibility, she never blames me.

But it is always a dialogue.

In what status is Frida now?

- During the autumn, August to September, then she usually has a dip, then she is tired.

Now it's a training period with simple basic training.

There are so many competitions this winter, you shouldn't be too hot and feel that you are too good in October-November.

Experience shows that you should keep it a little simpler.

That very fact, that the peak of form last year came too early, was one of the reasons why Frida Karlsson's Olympics were more about collapses and crushed dreams than about medals.

- There have been several times when it has been difficult for her to maintain an even season, it may not have been quite perfect before the Olympics, notes Nilsson.

In order to get in shape for the WC, the plan is now for Karlsson to opt out of some World Cup competitions.

- You have the start with the season premiere in Bruksvallarna, then four World Cup weekends in a row.

It will be quite a lot.

One of the last ones, it is not certain that she drives, Beitostölen or Davos.

You don't have to run every race every weekend, that's also an option.

Going to run the Tour de Ski: "I'm joking with her"

On January 21-22, a pure sprint weekend awaits in Milan.

Those competitions are not current at all for Karlsson, says Nilsson.

However, the plan is for her to ride the Tour de Ski.

If she completes the entire tour, it will be for the first time.

- Yes, I joke with her and say that it would be fun if she got up that last hill at some point.

CUT: This is why Frida Karlsson hasn't seen the Olympic races in retrospect (April 24, 2022)

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Therefore, Frida Karlsson has not seen the Olympic races in retrospect Photo: SVT