The final round of the women's golf domestic tour was held in Rifu Town, Miyagi Prefecture, and 21-year-old Miyu Yamashita, who ran alone in the lead, won her third win of the season with a total of 18 under par.

Yamashita set a new tour record for the shortest stroke by marking 12 under par on the first day, and started the final round with a huge 8 stroke lead over second place.

After taking a birdie on the 3rd hole, he made the only bogey in the 3 days of the tournament on the 12th hole. It was his 4th win on the tour.

Two rookies, Reo Takeda and Kana Mikashima, were in second place, five strokes behind, and Yuri Yoshida and Nanako Kami were in fourth place, three strokes behind.