The World Games of surfing, which requires a quota for the Paris Olympics two years later, was held in the United States, and Tokyo Olympic silver medalist Kanoa Igarashi won the men's championship for the first time, and the Japanese men also took first place in the group.

As a result, men's surfing won one spot for the first time as a Japanese team among the sports implemented at the Paris Olympics.

About 250 athletes from 51 countries and regions will participate in the World Surfing Games in California, USA, and if they finish first in the men's and women's teams, they can each win one slot for the Paris Olympics.

The Japanese men's team consisted of Tokyo Olympic silver medalists Igarashi, Shun Murakami, and Keanu Kurishu Ueyama.

Of these, Igarashi, who was the only Japanese player to advance to the final on the 24th, was scored out of 10 for the difficulty and novelty of his techniques on the waves he rode within 35 minutes. In the final where the ranking is decided, he won the first victory with a total of 15.96.

As a result, Japan will be ranked 1st in the men's team competing for the total points of the three, and will win one quota for the Paris Olympics, and there is a possibility that up to three men will be able to participate in the Paris Olympics.

Men's surfing is the first time Japan has qualified for the Paris Olympics in two years' time.

On the other hand, three women, including Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Yumeji Tsuzuki, did not qualify for the tournament.

About Kanoa Igarashi

Kanoa Igarashi is 24 years old.

His name "Kanoa" means "Freedom" in the local Hawaiian dialect.

He won a silver medal in surfing, which was introduced as a new sport at last year's Tokyo Olympics.

Born and raised in California, USA, he started surfing at the age of 3 and has been participating in the "Championship Tour" since the age of 18, where the world's top players compete.

With his splendid surfing that combines his speed and strength, he became the first Japanese player to win the "Championship Tour" tournament held in Indonesia in 2019, and continues to be active in the world as a top player. increase.

What is the Surfing World Games?

The World Surfing Games is an annual world championship event sponsored by the International Surfing Federation (ISA) and has a history of 58 years.

Since the tournament three years ago, it has become one of the qualifying events for the Olympics, and the top athletes who have rarely participated in the world's highest tournament, the "Championship Tour," now participate.

In this year's competition, which will take place in the Paris Olympics the year after next, one place will be given to each of the men and women in the group competing for the total points of three people.

In principle, the quota for the Paris Olympics is ``2'' for both men and women in each country and region. It was

The six Japanese men are Tokyo Olympic silver medalists Kanoa Igarashi, Shun Murakami, and Keanu Kurishu Ueyama, and the women are Tokyo Olympic bronze medalists Yumeji Tsuzuki, Shino Matsuda, and Mahina Maeda. I was.