The Japanese national soccer team, who are traveling to Germany as part of their preparations for the World Cup in Qatar, which will start in November, will prepare for the match against Ecuador scheduled on the 27th. Miyako enthusiastically said, "I want to show the value of my existence."

Japan, ranked 24th in the world, won the warm-up match against the United States, ranked 14th in the world on the 23rd with a score of 2-0. rice field.

In practice, players who didn't have a turn to play in the match against the United States or had a short playing time played a mini-game using a small court. was showing a sharp movement.

In addition, for the three days until the 24th, the former captain of the Japanese national team, Makoto Hasebe, who accompanied the team, was seen observing practices and exchanging opinions with coach Hajime Moriyasu.

Nagatomo said, "I was happy to meet Hasebe for the first time in the last tournament in Russia, and I was able to talk about various things.I thought that being together would make me feel better.In the next match, I will survive in the survival of the players. I have to go forward, so I want to appeal my existence value and contribute to the team's victory."

Former captain Makoto Hasebe "I can expect results that exceed the best 16"

Hasebe, who finished accompanying the team for three days, said, “Seeing how everyone is working with strong feelings, I thought again that the Japan national team is a good place. I was happy to be able to do it," he said of his thoughts on the representative.

Regarding Japan's World Cup opponent Germany, he revealed, "I've been playing in Germany for a long time, so Coach Moriyasu asked me, 'How about Germany?'"

On top of that, “The current Japanese national team has a team of coaches, players, and staff. It was a three-day period in which we could expect results beyond the best 16."