It was in the match against Skellefteå on Tuesday that LHC's North American got Joakim Lindström's glove in the face and fell to the ice.

Then and there Matteau got a expulsion for Lindström, but when the SHL's situation room reviewed the incident, they determined that it was a filming for Matteau and punished him with a 5,000 kroner fine.

- I was very surprised.

I've never been a filmmaker.

I try to get past him and get to the loose puck when he's on me, so I give up and drop to my knees.

So it wasn't on purpose?

- No, that was not my intention and I had no plan to provoke an expulsion on him or to embarrass myself with filming.

I have never done that in my entire career.

"Enough to annoy"

When asked if the fine amount of SEK 5,000 is enough to deter players from filming, Matteau answers:

- It's enough to annoy the players anyway, enough to bother me.

Now I have to make sure this doesn't happen again.

How do you view filming in ice hockey?

- They have no place in hockey.

But it's a fast, tough and intense sport where things happen all the time and players fall on the ice so it can be hard to tell what's real or not.

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Jörgen Jönsson's Växjö lost against Färjestad.

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson/Bildbyrån