In the second round of the group stage of the Women's Basketball World Cup being held in Australia, Japan, who played against Serbia, ranked 10th in the world, lost a large lead in the early stages and could not catch up until the end. Lost to 69.

The second round of the group stage of the Women's Basketball World Cup, in which the winning team can qualify for the Paris Olympics, was held on the 23rd, and Japan, ranked 8th in the world, faced Serbia.

In the first quarter, Japan failed to score on their signature three-point shot, and when their defense became weak, they scored, giving them a massive lead of 9-24.

In the 2nd quarter, they adjusted their defense and aggressively stole the ball, leading to offense, and gradually regained their rhythm. The players caught up with 34-38 with three-point shots and other things, and came back.

However, in the 3rd quarter, Japan's scoring stagnated again, and in the 4th quarter, with an 8-point lead, the team lost out in the rebounding battle, allowing the opponents to score behind the goal.

In the final stages of the match, Japan showed tenacity with MIYAZAKI Saori scoring a goal, but they were unable to catch up with Serbia until the end and lost 64-69.

Japan's Takada scored 15 points, the top of both teams, but his specialty three-point shots were limited to 5 out of 22, or 23%.

Japan, now with a record of 1 win and 1 loss in the group stage, will face Canada, ranked 4th in the world, in their third match on the 25th.

Captain Maki Takada "I let him shoot easily"

Captain TAKADA Maki looked back on the match, saying, ``We couldn't get into the rhythm, and the defense fell behind, allowing the opponent to take shots easily.

Regarding the next match against Canada, he said, “If we don’t play well in defense, we won’t be able to improve our offense.

Raimu Tokashiki: "There were parts where I struggled with hard defense"

Raimu Tokashiki, who returned to the Japanese national team after an injury, said, "There were parts where the team struggled with the opponent's hard defense. I want to switch because there is," he said.