On the 13th day of the Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament, Hiramaku Tamawashi, the sole champion with two losses, will face Nishikifuji, who has three losses.

On the 22nd day of the 12th day of the autumn tournament, Tamawashi, who lost one, was cut off by Haru Wakamoto, who was in the same stage, and suffered a second loss.

In addition, Hokushofuji and Nishikifuji, who were chasing with two losses, both lost, and Shoen and Takayasu are added to the four-man Hiramaku with three losses.

On the 23rd, the 13th day,

Tamawashi, the sole top, was teamed up with Nishikifuji for the first time.

As for Tamawashi, we would like to maintain our 2-loss streak by thoroughly pushing our characteristic, without being dragged down by the loss on the 22nd.

On the other hand, Nishikifuji's point is whether he can bring in his four katas, which is his specialty, and seal off Tamawashi's pressure.

▽ Hokusho Fuji was paired with Shoen at the top of the front with three losses.

In the past matches, Hokukatsu Fuji has four wins and no losses.

Hokusho Fuji lost on the 22nd due to a change in Ozeki Takakeisho's standing, but I would like to decide the game with the sharp start that I am showing now.

For Shoen, on the other hand, the key is to keep the distance and bring it to your own pace to break down your opponent.

▽ In addition, Takayasu of the flat curtain will play against Komusubi Kirimayama.

In the past, Takayasu has a record of 4 wins and 3 losses, but in the past year, Takayasu has lost two games in a row.