The former great talent Gzim Salihi has had serious injury problems during his career in Sävehof.

In 2020, the right-handed ninth suffered three concussions.

The images that were cabled out from the Partille Arena on Thursday evening were therefore worrying for Sävehof.

It was in the first half against IFK Skövdes that Salihi took a hit to the head.

He tied the knot on the pitch after a duel with center six Jesper Jensen.

Received treatment in the arena

The 24-year-old was treated by a doctor and left the plane on his own.

The severity of the explosion is unclear.

Salihi says he feels fine.

- I got hit.

It wasn't that dangerous... I think.

I'm perfectly fine.

We'll see, I haven't been diagnosed.

- I got a little dizzy.

But it's too early to say what this is.

What is it like to ride such a bang, given your injury history?

- It is frustrating.

It's felt good for a while now and so, yeah, it's very frustrating.

The match was dramatic.

Sävehof had the chance to decide in the final seconds, but had to settle for 26–26.