9 billion dirhams, the contribution of sports to the emirate’s GDP during 2021

Mansour bin Mohammed: The sports sector in Dubai is reaping the fruits of Mohammed bin Rashid's vision

  • Mansour bin Mohammed while presiding over the Dubai Sports Council meeting.

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  • Dubai hosts more than 400 diverse sports events annually.

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His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, confirmed that the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has established Dubai's position within various sectors, especially the sports sector, which has achieved new gains. , enhances its contributions to Dubai’s annual GDP to more than nine billion dirhams annually, with a percentage of 2.3%, of Dubai’s GDP for the year 2021, and the sports sector in its various fields supports the provision of 105,000 job opportunities in various disciplines, at a rate of up to 3.8% of total employment in Dubai.

His Highness said, "We are proud of the growth in the contribution of the sports sector in its various fields to the annual GDP of Dubai by a large percentage. And the activity of everyone, and we were keen in the Dubai Sports Council to conduct a study to measure this growth in the contribution of sports to Dubai’s economy, in cooperation with one of the specialized international expertise houses, in accordance with the latest international practices in conducting these studies, as the study included an analysis and calculation of the contribution of all areas of sports work Including sports industries, sports tourism, investment in sports academies, the sector of organizing sports events, and others.

His Highness added, “The sports sector has benefited from Dubai’s status as a preferred global destination for living, working, studying and investing, and the leading government legislation. The facilities that support the work of organizers of various local and international events, which have contributed to the increase in the growth of the sector of organizing events and academies, as well as motivating international stars and investors to take advantage of the availability of modern world-class sports facilities, to open sports academies, and to host major international championships in various sports and training camps for various teams of clubs and teams and champion athletes, as well as benefiting from investment opportunities in the sports field in its various fields, which contributed to increasing the economic return and increasing the number of employees in various related companies.”

This came during the third meeting of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Sports Council, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Council, and in the presence of Vice Chairman Mattar Al Tayer, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, and members: Hala Yousef Badri, Sami Al Qamzi , Maryam Al Hammadi, Moza Al-Marri, Jamal Al-Marri, the Secretary-General of the Council Saeed Hareb, and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Council Nasser Aman Al Rahma.

sports industry

The results showed that among the areas that helped achieve an increase in the sports sector’s contribution to Dubai’s GDP, were the establishment of factories for the production of sports equipment and clothing, the significant growth in bicycle sales outlets, various products, clothing and sports equipment, physical training centers and fitness halls, and exercise tracks. Bicycle sports, various sports centers, especially the padel, gymnastics, yoga, and others, and the spread of the culture of exercise among the various members of society, and the availability of specialized and expert cadres in the fields of organizing events and sports medicine, and others.

international competitiveness

The large number of competitive international, local and community sports events that are organized in Dubai annually, which number more than 400 diverse events, including more than 130 international sports events, contributed to the growth of spending in the areas of sponsorship, marketing, insurance, travel, transportation, hotel room reservations and hospitality, As well as the increase in promotional media revenues, as millions of countries from around the world watched the city’s attractions while covering major events, including the Emirates International Cycling Tour, the Dubai International Sports Conference, the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards, the Beach Soccer Confederations Cup, the World Golf Championships, and others. Many events, and these coverages have contributed to attracting more tourists, as well as visitors wishing to reside in Dubai and buy residential properties in various parts of the city.

Among the figures that boosted the growth of the sports sector’s contribution to Dubai’s GDP is the participation of more than 1.65 million professionals and amateurs of both sexes and of different ages in various annual sporting events, including a large proportion of participating athletes from outside the country, as well as the presence of more than 400 academies Diverse sports, more than 100 public and private sports clubs, and attracting many camps for clubs and teams of different nationalities and sports.


The sports sector in Dubai, with its distinguished and advanced infrastructure, in addition to the quality of life and the development of services in all fields, has enhanced its attractiveness to major companies producing innovative sports and organizers specialized in e-sports, where international tournaments have been organized, and it has been agreed to organize international tournaments and events. greater in the future.

Adoption of the Dubai Sports Identity - 2030

During the meeting, the new identity of sports in Dubai 2030 was approved, which represents the future direction of sports, in line with the changes and transformations witnessed by the sports sector, and the opportunities that contribute to the growth of the role of this sector at all levels. Each of the work sectors, and according to the work methodology that includes the Council’s cooperation with various parties, including the private sector, to implement the approved initiatives and achieve the goals set, according to the five future drivers that have been set, namely: a sustainable economy and a global sports destination, and sports wherever you are, Sports achievements, institutional work and effective governance, as well as indicators according to the five future drivers, which were developed to evaluate work and determine the success rate in achieving the set goals, which are:Government indicators that include the percentage of achieving central government indicators and the percentage of happiness, societal indicators that include the percentage of sports awareness, the percentage of satisfaction with the quality of services provided in the sports sector, sports indicators that include the path of developing sports talents, and economic indicators that include the contribution of sports to Dubai’s GDP and the percentage The percentage of job growth for workers in the sports sector, and global indicators that include indicators of global competitiveness and leadership through the number of international sports companies operating in Dubai, and the number of tourists visiting Dubai to attend sports events.

During the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Sports Council, plans for the development of football stadiums in Dubai clubs during the coming period were reviewed and directed to work on implementing them according to the approved schedule.

• The sports sector provides 105,000 job opportunities, representing 3.8% of the total employment in Dubai.

• Dubai Sports Council adopts the new identity for sports in Dubai 2030... and 5 engines to achieve the future vision.

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