(Reporter Kong Ning) The 2022 Women's Volleyball Asian Cup will start tomorrow in Pasig City, Philippines. The second Chinese women's volleyball team will play in this competition.

Since the 2022 World Women's Volleyball Championship will start in September, several newcomers in the second team who are in the national team's World Championships roster have attracted much attention, and the Asian Cup is also an opportunity for them to fight for their final seats in the World Championships.

  Strong teams from all walks of life often send second teams or youth teams to participate in the Asian Cup.

The first women's volleyball Asian Cup was held in Thailand in 2008. The Chinese women's volleyball team won the championship five times in 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016 and 2018, and only won the runner-up in 2012, when the Thai women's volleyball team won the championship.

The 2020 Women's Volleyball Asian Cup has been cancelled due to the epidemic.

  This year's Women's Volleyball Asian Cup will be held from August 21 to 29.

At 13:00 on August 21st, Beijing time, the Chinese team played the Korean team for the first time.

Due to the withdrawal of the Kazakhstan team, a total of 9 teams participated in this Asian Cup. Group A is China, the Philippines, South Korea, Iran, Vietnam, and Group B is Japan, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, and Australia.

The Thai team played almost all of the main force, aiming to win the championship.

  In the 2018 Asian Cup, Marshal Shi Hairong led the second team of the Chinese women's volleyball team all the way through.

In the final, the Chinese women's volleyball team defeated the Japanese women's volleyball team 3-0 and successfully defended the Asian Cup with a complete victory.

The second Chinese women's volleyball team participating in this year's Asian Cup is a brand new team. Among the 14-man list, only setter Sun Haiping from Liaoning participated in the 2018 Asian Cup. She was also named "Best Setter" that year. .

The list includes main attackers Wang Yifan, Zhuang Yushan, Zhuang Xinru, Wu Mengjie, auxiliary attackers Zhang Hongziyan, Hu Mingyuan, Wang Wenhan, Cao Tingting, secondaries Sun Haiping, Xu Xiaoting, supporters Li Xuemeng, Zhou Yetong, and freelancers Wu Xinyu and Xu Jianan.

  Among the above-mentioned lineups, the most interesting ones are Wang Yifan from Guangdong and Wu Mengjie from Jiangsu, who are also on the 22-man roster of the Chinese team for the 2022 World Championships.

In this year's World Women's Volleyball League, the main offensive line of the Chinese team has been repeatedly criticized. Therefore, fans also hope that the main offensive position of the Chinese women's volleyball team can be injected with fresh blood during the World Championships.

However, the national team coach Cai Bin has always been cautious about this, probably because the two "post-00s" are still lacking in guarantee techniques such as first pass, defense, and tandem.

  At the U20 Women's Volleyball Asian Championship that ended in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, the Chinese women's volleyball youth team, dominated by Wang Yifan and others, defeated the Thai team 3-0 in the semifinals. Wang Yifan, Zhuang Yushan, Zhang Hongziyan in the starting lineup at that time. , Li Xuemeng and Wu Xinyu are all in the lineup of this Asian Cup.

However, in the final of that game, the Chinese team lost to the Japanese team 0-3, and newcomers such as Wang Yifan exposed loopholes in the guarantee link.

At that time, Wu Mengjie, who had led the Jiangsu Youth Women's Volleyball Team to win the 2021 National Games Women's Volleyball Youth Championship, did not appear due to injury.

  Wang Yifan, the captain of the second team, Wu Mengjie, who is amazing in attack power, and Zhuang Yushan, who is full of passion... For these young players, this Asian Cup is a valuable opportunity to prove themselves.

With Hu Mingyuan, Wang Wenhan, Sun Haiping, Cao Tingting and other old players in the lineup, it remains to be seen what kind of answers these young people can hand over.