Six professional baseball games were played, and DeNA, second in the Central League, extended its winning streak to 16, including a draw at home.

In the Pacific League, leader Seibu lost, and second place Softbank won, narrowing the game gap to 0.5.

Central League

▽ DeNA won 6 to 5 in DeNA vs. Hiroshima.

Won, pitcher Irie won 3 wins.

Save, pitcher Yamazaki 2 losses 28 saves.

Lose, pitcher Matsumoto 1 win and 2 losses.

Home run, DeNA Maki player No. 19, Miyazaki player No. 8.

Hiroshima McBroom player No. 13.

In the 8th inning, immediately after catching up with a 5-5 tie, DeNA won with a timely hit by pinch hitter Ito.

The third pitcher, Irie, won the third win, and the team won five consecutive wins for the first time this season.

The winning streak, which included a draw at home, extended to 16.

In the 9th inning, Hiroshima was unable to make the most of the chance of a 1-out third base, and lost three straight.

▽ In the Giants vs. Hanshin, Hanshin won 5 to 1.

Won, pitcher Fujinami 1 win and 2 losses.

Lose, pitcher Hotta 2 wins and 3 losses.

Home run, Hanshin Teruaki Sato No. 18.

Giant player Maru No. 23.

In the second inning, Hanshin took the lead with Umeno's timely play, and in the third inning, Teruaki Sato scored a No. 18 Touran and added two points in the fourth.

Starting pitcher Fujinami threw 7 innings, gave 6 hits, and allowed only 1 run without giving a four-ball, giving him his first win of the season.

Hanshin decided to win the Giants match for the second consecutive year with three consecutive wins.

The Giants lost five straight with just one point from Maru's solo home run.

▽ Yakult won 7 to 2 in Chunichi vs. Yakult.

Won, pitcher Hara 7 wins and 4 losses.

Lose, pitcher Ogasawara 6 wins and 7 losses.

Home run, Yakult Murakami players No. 43 and No. 44.

Chunichi / Miyoshi player No. 1, Ishigaki player No. 2.

Yakult took the lead twice with Osuna's timely and pushing dead balls.

After that, Murakami scored two home runs and scored more points.

The starting pitcher, Hara, scored his 7th win with 1 goal in 6 innings.

In Chunichi, pitcher Ogasawara was not tenacious, and the batting lineup with eight hits lacked connection.

Pacific League

▽ Seibu vs Orix Orix won 6 to 0.

Win, Miyagi pitcher 8 wins 6 losses.

Lose, Yoza pitcher 9 wins and 4 losses.

Home run, Orix So player No. 3.

In the second inning, Orix scored 1 point with Tonmiya's timely two base, and in the 7th inning, Tonmiya's timely two base added 1 point.

In the 8th inning, he scored 4 points with So's No. 3 three-run.

Miyagi, the starting pitcher, scored his eighth win with five hits in eight innings and no runs.

Seibu couldn't support the starting pitcher Yoza, who pitched well with 2 runs in the 7th inning.

▽ Softbank won 9 to 3 in Softbank vs. Nippon Ham.

2 wins for Takeda.

Lose, pitcher Uesawa 6 wins and 6 losses.

Home run, SoftBank's Naoki Sato player No. 1.

In the 4th inning, Softbank chased 2 points, collecting 6 hits such as Galvis' 2-point timely two-base, Naoki Sato's first home run as a professional, and Yanagida's 2-point timely. Did.

Starting pitcher Takeda scored his second win with 3 runs in the middle of the 7th inning.

Nippon-Ham has lost 5 straight games and has a losing streak of 21, the highest number this season.

▽ Rakuten won 5-2 in Rakuten vs. Lotte.

7 wins and 9 losses for pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

Save, pitcher Hiroki Matsui 1 win 2 losses 25 saves.

Lose, Romero pitcher 8 wins 7 losses.

Home run, Rakuten Shimauchi player No. 12.

In the 6th inning of 0 to 2, Rakuten caught up with an error involving Daichi Suzuki's timely hit and Asamura's two-base hit, and Shimauchi's No. 12 Touran won the game.

Masahiro Tanaka, the starting pitcher, scored his seventh win since the 30th of last month with two goals in the seventh inning.

Lotte suffered the seventh loss with Romero pitching 4 goals in the middle of the 6th inning.