The summer national high school baseball will be held on the 20th, and the two semi-final games will be held.

In the second match, Shiga's Omi, who has been in the top 4 for the second year in a row, will face Shimonoseki International from Yamaguchi, who defeated champion Osaka Toin in the quarterfinals.

We will keep you updated as the game progresses.

[Starting member]

<First attack Shimonoseki International>

1. (Center) Kenshin Akase

2. (2) Ryunosuke Matsumoto

3. (Yu) Shin Nakai

4. (1) Yuto Kaya

5. (Right) Isamu Mizuyasu

6. (Left) Akira Okuyama Large

7. (3) Rinko Mori

8. (Throwing) Yasunari Koga

9. (Capturing) Sei Hashizume

<Second attack Omi>

1. (Play) Motoi Tsuda

2. (Right) Daisuke Kiyoya

3. (2) Itsuki Nakase

4 (Throw) Yosho Yamada

5. (3) Ishiura Dantai

6. (1) Kosei Okazaki

7. (Left) Hinata Kawamoto

8. (Capture) Daisho Ohashi

9. (Center) Masato Kotake

Omi (Shiga)

The captain, ace, and No. 4 mainstay, Yoto Yamada, has led the team with pitching and batting.

In addition to the 512 pitches in the four games so far, there are concerns about the impact of dropping out in the middle of the 8th inning after pulling the back of his right thigh during the quarterfinals.

There will be a total of three semi-finals with one day left, and expectations are high for pitchers such as Sena Hoshino, who is pitching as the second pitcher in all three games.

Omi has a strong impression of powerful hits, but the number of sacrifice hits is the most among the teams in the top 4, and so far he has shown a solid offense that steadily advances the runners.

The average points per game is the highest among the best four teams.

It is the second time to advance to the final since the 83rd tournament in 2001 when they won the second place if they won.

[Results of this tournament (4 games)]

▽ 1st round 8-2 Naruto (Tokushima)

▽ 2nd round 8-3 Tsuruoka Higashi (Yamagata)

▽ 3rd round 7-1 Kaisei (Nagasaki)

▽ Quarterfinals 7-6 Takamatsu (Kagawa )


▼ Batting average .333

▼ HR 1

▼ Stolen base 0

▼ Sacrifice hit 12

▼ Points scored 30 (average per game: 7.5)

▼ ERA 2.75

▼ Mistakes 3

▼ Points conceded 12 (average per game: 3)

Shimonoseki International (Yamaguchi)

In the quarter-finals, the pitchers, who held down the slugger Osaka Toin to 4 points, are showing stable numbers.

Shin Nakai, who pitched in the quarterfinals as the second pitcher, is a key pitcher.

In addition to scoring 3 RBIs in 3 games so far, he has kept no runs in 1/3 of the 3 innings with aggressive pitching centered on fastballs with a maximum speed of 147 km against Osaka Toin. rice field.

At the Yamaguchi Tournament, his emotional strength was bought, and he was entrusted with the starting lineup for three games from the quarterfinals to the finals.

While the match against good pitchers continues, the number of sacrifice hits has already exceeded the five games in the Yamaguchi tournament, and the team is developing a solid offense.

If they win, they will be the first school to advance to the finals, and the first time in 37 years since Ube Shogyo in the 67th competition in 1985 for Yamaguchi Prefecture.

[Results of this tournament (3 games)]

▽ 2nd round 5-0 Tomishima (Miyazaki)

▽ 3rd round 9-3 Hamada (Shimane)

▽ Quarterfinals 5-4 Osaka Toin (Osaka)

▼ Batting average .355

▼ HR 0

▼ Stealing base 5

▼ Sacrifice hit 9

▼ Scored 19 (average per game: 6.33)

▼ ERA 2.00

▼ Mistake 5

▼ Points conceded 7 (average per game: 2.33)