China News Service, Beijing, August 19 (Liu Xingchen) Although autumn has already begun, August in Beijing is still hot.

And this time point is also a critical stage for almost all CBA teams to prepare for the new season.

  Located on the west side of Beijing City, the Shougang Basketball Center has undertaken a lot of training content for the CBA Beijing Shougang Team this summer.

The shoes rubbed against the floor, the basketball flew to the basket, and the team's public training session attracted a large number of media.

Everyone is also tacitly aware of the purpose of this trip. In addition to learning about the team's summer training, many people came for Zeng Fanbo. This is his first public appearance since he was voted out of the NBA this summer.

The picture shows the Beijing Shougang team assembled in the center of the venue.

Photo by Liu Xingchen

  Speaking of Zeng Fanbo, many Chinese basketball fans will nod their heads in approval.

In everyone's eyes, the 19-year-old carries too much hope.

In the past summer, Zeng Fanbo unfortunately lost the selection in the 2022 NBA draft, but from September last year to the present, nearly a year of overseas experience has still made him grow a lot.

  In front of the fitness equipment in the hallway, many members of the Beijing Shougang team were doing strength training under the leadership of foreign coaches.

"How many sets have you done? Four sets." Zeng Fanbo, whose arms were soaked in sweat, communicated with his teammates about the training content.

Whenever he starts strength training, the media on the side will set up "long guns and short guns" and praise his excellent body and muscle lines from time to time.

The picture shows the Beijing Shougang team performing strength training.

Photo by Liu Xingchen

  When the training session officially started, Xie Libin, the head coach of the Beijing Shougang team, stood in the center of the field to observe the performance of the players, shouting from time to time to remind them.

From fixed-point shooting after catching the ball, to simple tactical coordination drills, to half-court position training for confrontation, the training session of about 30-40 minutes contains a lot of content.

  The focus on the field was still Zeng Fanbo.

  On the first shot after coming to the court, he opened his hand and hit a three-pointer.

The reporter made a rough calculation on the sidelines. During the shooting session, Zeng Fanbo hit 15 of his 18 shots. Except for a few missed shots at the beginning of training, he could always find the crosshairs, and consecutive three-pointers from the bottom corners made it easy for him. People can't help but feel the progress he has made in the past year.

  In the tactical drill session, unlike other teammates, Zeng Fanbo likes to use dunks to finish.

The double-armed dunks and the one-armed dunks, although the height of the jump has not yet reached the previous level, but it can be seen that his body is slowly recovering.

  If there were two words to describe its performance in training, "violent aesthetics" and "technical sophistication" would be appropriate.

The picture shows Zeng Fanbo conducting free throw training.

Photo by Liu Xingchen

  "I feel that he is taller and stronger." Xie Libin said when talking about the changes in his disciples in the past year.

Regarding Zeng Fanbo's positioning in the team in the new season, he admitted that it takes time to further understand.

  While waiting to be interviewed, Zeng Fanbo, who was sitting beside him, received a reporter's request for a group photo. The boy asked about his intention and smiled shyly.

  "I'm still developing." Zeng Fanbo's slightly ridiculed response to the head coach's comments made the media laugh.

  Before returning to China, Zeng Fanbo injured his ankle, and he is currently in the recovery period.

When asked about the topic of "pressure", Zeng Fanbo said that he must learn how to convert pressure into energy on the field.

  On the CBA stage, Zeng Fanbo, who is under 20 years old, is still a rookie.

For the upcoming new season, he also set small goals for himself.

"It's definitely about staying healthy first, and then adapting step by step to help the team better." He admitted frankly that he hoped that he could do his best by completing every attack.

The picture shows Zeng Fanbo in training.

Photo by Liu Xingchen

  "His conditions are better than mine, and his starting point is higher than mine." Speaking of Zeng Fanbo, Zhai Xiaochuan, the captain of the Beijing Shougang team, was full of relief, as if he had seen himself back then.

  The outside world also likes to compare Zeng Fanbo with Zhai Xiaochuan when he was young.

"I admire his character very much. In him, it reflects the drive of young people. I also asked him about the harvest of playing in the NBA Development League before, and he told me that he has improved in many aspects, such as how to play at high school. Confronting layups, maintaining three-point shooting, etc." Zhai Xiaochuan said.

  As the team captain, Zhai Xiaochuan said that he would do his best to help young players such as Zeng Fanbo grow up.

"Xiao Zeng's physical condition is very good. I hope he will continue to work hard and realize his talent."

  The lights in the arena gradually dimmed, and the players who finished the interview dispersed in twos and threes.

Zhai Xiaochuan and Zeng Fanbo talked and laughed all the way and left, one with unfulfilled ambitions and the other with a long-term heart. In the new CBA season, they will fight side by side.