The 56th World Table Tennis Championships team competition in 2022 will be held in Chengdu from September 30 to October 9. The Chinese men's team will strive for ten consecutive championships, and the Chinese women's team will strive for five consecutive championships.

Recently, the Athens Olympic table tennis men's doubles champion and the two-time World Table Tennis Championships men's doubles champion, Chen Wei, who is currently the head coach of the Jiangsu table tennis team, revealed in the live broadcast that he will return to the national table tennis coaching staff in the form of secondment to help the players. They are training to prepare for the World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu, which has attracted widespread attention among fans.

  A few days ago, in a dialogue with a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily, Chen Wei shared his successful experience in his career in table tennis, hoping to use his own influence to promote the development of table tennis.

At the same time, he also revealed his recent plans to assist the national team and continue to do what he can for the national table tennis team.

  After arriving in Chengdu, follow the arrangements of the team

  Beiqing Daily: Is your secondment back to the national team to help Sun Yingsha, Xu Xin and other players in training?

  Chen Wei: Not really. The main thing is to follow the arrangements of the team after arriving in Chengdu. Maybe the Internet has exaggerated this a bit. In fact, it is to do some assistive work.

Because the Chinese team in this World Table Tennis Championships is fighting at home, everyone can go and work hard together. If they compete in foreign countries, there is no such condition.

This time there is just such an opportunity, I hope it can lighten everyone's burden.

  Beiqing Daily: Recently, the main national table tennis players participated in the Challenger Tournament and the Championship Tournament at the WTT Budapest Station. What is your comment on their performance?

  Chen Wei: In-team training is training, and external competition is also a training. Since it is a competition, there will be winners and losers.

Sometimes it's not scary to lose, but I'm afraid that after losing, I don't know where I lost.

Losing is not a bad thing, and winning is not a good thing. It depends on how you feel about the game, how you learn from experience and lessons, and how you can make yourself grow faster. This is the most important thing.

  Being a coach is like being a parent

  Beiqing Daily: From player to coach, what is the change in mentality?

  Chen Wei: I think during the athlete period, the main thing is to take care of yourself. Being a coach is like a parent. You need to take good care of these children, help these children improve their skills, and give them some advice on all aspects of life and work.

  Beiqing Daily: Do you have any new plans for the future?

How do you view the Chinese youth table tennis career?

  Chen Wei: The main thing is to discover and cultivate talents. Some of the athletes we are in contact with now are usually children around 10 years old. Sent to the second national team.

The training of young athletes still needs to be innovative. It is necessary to draw spiritual strength from the older generation of elite athletes, and more importantly, to create something of their own. It is not possible to completely follow the old path, which will be better for their future development.

  Beiqing Daily: Table tennis has never been just a sport for the Chinese, but a spirit.

How do you view the national table tennis spirit?

  Chen Wei: The most important thing about table tennis is that it has a special background. Table tennis players have a mission and are often under great pressure.

As a table tennis player, the requirement for ourselves is to be like a soldier in the army. Every time we go out to participate in various competitions, it feels more like a battle.

  Hope young players grow faster

  Beiqing Daily: From the former "killer" to a loving father, have you considered letting your children join the table tennis career in the future?

  Chen Wei: They are still young and are developing their interests.

Not engaged in table tennis, may also consider letting them choose other sports.

  Beiqing Daily: Will table tennis be your career in life?

What are your expectations for young players?

  Chen Wei: Since I have engaged in this business, my future work is inseparable from table tennis.

I hope that young players can grow faster and more talents can emerge.

Table tennis competition in China is also fierce. I hope that through this competition, they can have a healthy mentality and make a leap in their skills.

  Beiqing Daily: What are your expectations for the upcoming Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships?

  Chen Wei: At present, everyone's situation is different. Some team members may have just returned from abroad, and some team members may still be in isolation, and the time may not be the same. Basically, they will go to Chengdu to assemble around August 22 to prepare for the team World Table Tennis Championships. .

I wish our own competition to be successful, and hope that our team members will achieve good results. After all, everyone has practiced for a long time, and it is time to get results.

  Text / reporter Zhou Xueshuai

  business card

  Chen Wei's playing style is tough, giving people a feeling of majesty.

  In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Chen Wei participated in the world-class competition for the first time, and won the Olympic gold medal in cooperation with Ma Lin.

  With his quick, fierce, and ruthless top-three skills, as well as his domineering arrogance, he has been dubbed the "God of Killing" by fans.