Emma Hinze has already won her third title at the European Track Cycling Championships.

The 24-year-old from Cottbus defeated French Mathilde Gros in three runs in the sprint final on Monday.

In the decisive third run, the finish photo decided.

After the successes in the team sprint with Pauline Grabosch (Chemnitz) and Lea Sophie Friedrich (Chemnitz) and in the 500-meter time trial with the German record of 32.668 seconds, it was already the third gold for the sprint on the wooden oval in the Munich Exhibition Center -World champion.

"Now I'm fine again.

I went through all the emotions today.

I didn't expect to win today," said Hinze.

Her stomach didn't play along all day.

"I threw up, I cried, I thought I couldn't do it," she said.

She couldn't eat anything and had no strength.

But the team built her up – now she is leaving Munich with three titles.

"It's super nice.

I still can't really believe that I won today," said Hinze.

National coach Jan van Eijden then explained that she would not start in the keirin this Tuesday out of consideration for her health and with a view to the World Cup from October 12th to 16th in Paris.

"The last two days and the overall stress have worn her out so much that we say, also with regard to the World Cup, that we will leave Keirin out.

She really wasn't feeling well today," reported the former sprint world champion.

Meanwhile, Lea Sophie Friedrich lost two runs in the small final to Laurine van Riessen from the Netherlands and thus missed her second medal.

In the 1000 meter time trial, Maximilian Dörnbach from Cottbus took third place in 1:00.225 minutes.

Only Melvin Landerneau from France (59.975 seconds) and Italian Matteo Bianchi (1:00.089 minutes) were faster.

The German Cyclists' Association (BDR) won six gold, three silver and one bronze before the final day of the track cycling competition.

The competitions were overshadowed by a serious fall.

Five drivers collided with each other in the point race of the women's four-way competition Omnium.

While Johanna Kitti Borissza (Hungary), Emily Kay (Ireland) and Maike van der Duin (Netherlands) were able to leave the track on their own shortly afterwards, the Greeks Argiro Milaki (30) and Hanna Sowej (30) from Ukraine were long behind a screen medical care in the interior.

Both athletes were put on drips before they were taken out of the hall and to the hospital on stretchers.

Milaki's neck was supported with a neck brace.

Several paramedics tended to the injured.

Nothing was initially known about the nature and severity of the injuries.

The race was interrupted for first aid and repairs to the damaged wooden track.

The German starter Lea Lin Teutenberg was spared from the crash.

The Italian world champion Letizia Paternoster had already fallen in the same steep curve after the home straight on Saturday.

The 23-year-old suffered a broken right collarbone and a concussion.

The EM track in the Munich exhibition halls has been shortened from the usual 250 meters to 200 meters.

This length is unusual internationally and is considered a security risk by observers.