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the women's volleyball cup competition, road construction defeated last year's champion Hyundai E&C.

19-year-old rookie Kim Se-in, who turned into a striker from Libero this season, flew.

Byung-min Yoo.


Kim Se-in, born in 2003, who made her debut as a libero at Pepper Savings Bank last season, joined the Road Corporation as a free agent compensation player in April and changed her position as a left striker at the recommendation of manager Kim Jong-min.

And today (the 16th) he exploded his offensive instincts against last year's champion Hyundai Construction.

He perfectly filled the vacancy of Park Jung-ah, who was called up for the national team, and drove the team's highest score of 22 points.

He's 173 cm tall, but with tremendous bounciness, he shoves powerful spikes down every corner of the court, and when Hyundai Construction builds high blocking walls, he cleverly scores by guiding or pushing touchouts.

Kim Se-in played the role of a solver in the deuce blood battle that continued in the 4th set, leading to a 2-1 set score.

He led his comeback with a push in 30-30, followed by an open attack that ended the game with his own hands.

Road Corporation, which defeated Hyundai E&C 3-1 with Kim Se-in's surprise performance, took the first place in the group with two consecutive wins.

(Video editing: Kim Jong-tae)