Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Ohtani enters the bullpen before the game on the 14th and will be the first starting pitcher on the 15th after achieving "double-digit wins and double-digit home runs" for the first time in 104 years since Babe Ruth. adjusted towards.

Before the game on the 14th, Otani threw 34 balls with changing balls such as sliders in the bullpen after playing catch, and prepared for the starting pitcher on the 15th.

Otani won his 10th win of the season in the previous pitching and achieved a "double-digit win, double-digit home run" for the first time in 104 years since Babe Ruth, and will be held at Angel Stadium on the 15th. The Mariners game will be the first starting pitching after achieving the feat.

This is the second time for Ohtani to start the game against the Mariners this season, and on June 16th, he was a winning pitcher with a good pitching without allowing a run in the sixth inning.

NHK will broadcast the match on 15th and 16th Japan time on BS1 from 10:30 am.