The Japanese national team, which will participate in the WBC = World Baseball Classic, which will be held next year, will also play a match with Nippon-Ham and the Giants before playing a warm-up match with Australia in November this year.

The Japan national baseball team, led by manager Hideki Kuriyama, is aiming to win the WBC next March for the first time in three tournaments.

On November 9th and 10th, the team will play a warm-up match against Australia, who will also play in the first round of the WBC, at the Sapporo Dome. it was done.

Both games will be held at the Tokyo Dome, and they will face Nippon-Ham on November 5th and the Giants on November 6th.

Two games have been added to further strengthen the team, and the match against Nippon-Ham, which Kuriyama has been leading until last year, is expected to be the first match to lead the top team.