China News Service, Beijing, August 15th. On the 15th, the website of the Chinese Volleyball Association announced the 22-man roster of the Chinese team for the 2022 Women's Volleyball World Championships.

The list is led by captain Yuan Xinyue, and Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning, who are recovering from injuries, are not among them.

Data map: Cai Bin, head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

Image credit: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  It is understood that the Women's Volleyball World Championships will be held in the Netherlands and Poland from September 23 to October 15, and a total of 24 teams have qualified for the competition.

The Chinese team is in the same group as Brazil and Japan, as well as Italy and the Netherlands in the same half.

  The full list of the Chinese women's volleyball team is as follows:

  Main attack: Jin Ye, Wang Yunwei, Wang Yizhu, Li Yingying, Wu Mengjie, Wang Yifan, Zhonghui;

  Secondary attack: Yuan Xinyue (captain), Yang Hanyu, Gao Yi, Wang Yuanyuan, Zheng Yixin;

  Correspondence: Gong Xiangyu, Chen Peiyan, Miao Yiwen, Du Qingqing;

  Second Biography: Diao Linyu, Ding Xia, Yu Jiarui;

  Free people: Wang Weiyi, Ni Feifan, Wang Mengjie.