In the first game on the ninth day of the summer national high school baseball tournament, Fukushima's Seiko Gakuin defeated Kanagawa's Yokohama High School 3-2 to advance to the third round.

In the first inning, Seiko Gakuin attacked pitcher Haruki Sugiyama of Yokohama in the first inning, and as a runner on second base with a hit and a bunt, No. 3 Junpei Yasuda caught the first pitch and scored one point with just three pitches.

In the 5th inning, when Yokohama was leading 1 to 2 and 1 point, and 2 outs and 2nd base, second-year student Ren Ogata brought a breaking ball to the right, tying the score with a timely hit for the second consecutive game.

Seiko Gakuin got a chance to hit 1st base and 3rd base with no outs, and Yasuda got the turn at bat again.

After that, ace pitcher Mirai Sayama kept the runners in scoring position, but did not allow Yokohama to add more points with her fast-paced pitching.

Seiko Gakuin, who showed a solid defense with no errors in two games in a row, won the close game 3-2 and advanced to the third round.