This is how we broadcast from the European Championship week on Sunday, August 14

SVT1 10.10-13.45: European Championship week: Rowing, cycling, table tennis (mixed, women's singles group stage, men's singles group stage), gymnastics   

SVT2 13.45-17.00: European Championship week: Rowing, cycling, table tennis, gymnastics continued 

SVT1 17.00-18.00: European Championship week : Rowing, gymnastics, table tennis continued 

SVT Play 10.15-15.30: EC week: Cycling, line race - men  

SVT Play 10.50-14.10: EC week: Rowing, finals  

SVT Play 14.30-17.35: EC week: Gymnastics, event finals - women 

SVT Play 15.20-21.00: European Championship week: Table tennis, single ladies + men  

SVT Play 16.00-17.45: European Championship week: Climbing, bouldering - ladies 

SVT Play 18.00-19.30: European Championship week: Triathlon, mixed relay  

SVT Play 18.45-19.30 : EC week: Climbing, lead - men

This is how the Swedes start:

9.30, table tennis, mixed doubles: Kristian Karlsson/Stina Källberg

9.40, rowing finals, men: Ahmet Rapi

10.05, table tennis, mixed doubles: Truls Möregårdh/Linda Bergström

10.15, cycling, line race, men: Tobias Ludvigsson

10.30, rowing finals, men: Eskil Borgh

15.20, table tennis, ladies: Filippa Bergand

18.00, triathlon, mixed relay: Sweden