China News Service, Beijing, August 13th. On the evening of the 13th Beijing time, in the men's volleyball Asian Cup semi-final in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, the Chinese men's volleyball team defeated the South Korean men's volleyball team with a 3:2 reversal and advanced to the final.

  In the game, the South Korean team took the next game first, the Chinese team tenaciously equalized, the two teams struggled hard in the third game, the Chinese team lost 32:34, and the Chinese team won the fourth game with 29:27 after falling behind for a while, and then won in one go. The next tiebreaker, advance to the final.

  The Chinese team played well in this competition and advanced to the semi-finals with a 100% record in the group stage.

Wu Sheng, the coach of the Chinese men's volleyball team, once said that on the one hand, the Asian Cup is to train the team, on the other hand, he hopes to achieve good results to drive the team, improve their own level and enhance their self-confidence.

Wu Sheng bluntly said that after entering the semi-finals, the goal of the Chinese men's volleyball team is to win the championship.

  After defeating the South Korean team to enter the final, according to the schedule, the Chinese men's volleyball team will compete with the Japanese men's volleyball team for the championship on August 14, Beijing time.

The Korean men's volleyball team and the Bahrain men's volleyball team will compete for the bronze medal.