Thus, they did not have to wait for Peder Fredricson, who was the finishing Swedish rider.

- This is too incredible to be true.

When was a team competition decided before the last rider?

What a cold, what a jump, fantastic, exclaims SVT Sports expert Lotta Björe after the exciting jump.

Henrik von Eckermann started and rode flawlessly in a time of 79.80 after drama before the jumping.

The horse King Edward was disturbed by the crowd, the applause and the lights in the arena.

One of the obstacles was touched but remained.

- He was a little stressed at the beginning and I tried to calm him down but not too much because there was pressure over time.

I was a little lucky in the middle in a three-way combination, but maybe that's what we need today, says von Eckermann to SVT Sport.

- It's completely crazy.

What a fantastic start.

He paves the way for Sweden tonight, says SVT Sports expert Lotta Björe.

Before tonight's jumping, von Eckermann was in fourth place individually and is on the right track to be able to win his own medal as well.

The top 25 after tonight advance to Sunday's round.

Other Swedish participants were Malin Baryard-Johnsson with Indiana who tore down an obstacle and got four faults.

Sweden had never before won World Cup gold in a team competition.

In 2018 in the USA and in 2002 in Spain, there were Swedish silver medals.

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Henrik von Eckermann's new top race - gives Sweden a flying start