China News Service, Changsha, August 9th (Zhang Xueying) On August 8th, the 2022 Seventh "Maryley Cup" Youth Football Classic ended in Changsha.

This elite competition has lasted from August 2 to the present. After 7 days of fierce competition, the Dalian Northeast Road Junior Team stood out from the 24 teams that entered the final and won the championship.

  This tournament is hosted by Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau, and undertaken by Hunan Provincial Football Association, Changsha Sports Bureau and Changsha Marylay Youth Football Foundation.

It is understood that the "Maryley Cup" has been successfully held for 6 sessions before. It is the top U12 football public welfare event in China, with a cumulative number of participants exceeding 10,000.

There were 56 games in the "Marielay Cup", 281 goals were scored, and the total number of goals reached 120.

The wonderful moments of the final (the blue jersey is the Dalian Northeast Road Junior Team).

Photo by Wang Yi

  At the scene of the final, Li Haolun of Chongqing Chuxin team scored a header in the first half, and Wang Jinghao equalized the score in stoppage time.

In the end, the Dalian Northeast Road Junior Team won the championship with a total score of 5:3 in the penalty shootout, and won the 200,000-yuan scholarship fund provided by the Changsha Marylay Youth Football Foundation.

Dalian Northeast Road Junior Team, Chongqing Chuxin Team, Shenyang Junior Team Tianze, Guangzhou Mingtu Team, Hunan Aoxing Team, Changsha Dexinyuan Primary School Team, Guiyang Experimental Primary School Team, and Henan Tiandingkang Team entered the top eight.

  The competition also selected the "best scorer", "best goalkeeper" and "best player" of the tournament.

Zhang Yi from Chongqing Chuxin Team won the "Top Scorer" with 17 goals, Zhao Xinze and Gao Yian of Dalian Northeast Road Junior Team won the "Best Goalkeeper" and "Best Player" respectively.

Dalian Northeast Road Junior Team celebrates winning the championship.

Photo by Wang Yi

  At the closing ceremony and award ceremony, Li Fang, deputy director of the Youth Sports Division of the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau, said that this tournament not only fully demonstrated the solidarity, cooperation and healthy spirit of the young football players, but also deepened the relationship between the teams. The understanding between them has enhanced the friendship between them, and demonstrated the fighting spirit that Chinese teenagers should have in the new era.

  "The 'Maryley Cup' may be the last competition for children in elementary school, but I hope the children will continue to run, pursue their dreams bravely, and ignite the Chinese football dream with their passions, so that we can go to the future together." Zhan Camellia Oil Chairman Pu Shuo said.