China News Service, Beijing, August 10th (Liu Xingchen) "Hello everyone, I am Wang Shuang of the Chinese women's football team, and I am also Xiao Wang who is about to start again." After studying abroad in South Korea and France, she is about to start her third overseas football trip.

Image source: Wang Shuang Weibo

  In fact, more than a week ago, news of Wang Shuang's overseas trip had already been reported.

The American NWSL team Louisville Athletic announced that the club won the right to play Wang Shuang in the deal with the Lyon Monarch (OL Reign), clearing the way for the team to sign Wang Shuang's contract.

In exchange, Athletic Louisville will offer the Lyon Monarchs a $30,000 distribution and a 2023 NWSL fourth-round pick.

get out of your comfort zone

  At the beginning of this year, the Chinese women's football team successfully won the Asian Cup.

Wang Shuang, who was injured in the game, has been in a state of recuperation since then and missed the first stage of the Women's Super League.

When the "Assembly" sounded in Haikou for the second training of the Chinese women's football team in 2022, Wang Shuang was also unable to participate due to injury.

Image source: Wuhan Chegujiang University Women's Football Official Weibo

  It can be said that the first half of 2022 was not going well for the leading stars of the Chinese women's football team.

  But at this time, the 27-year-old Wang Shuang still chose to step out of his comfort zone, leave his hometown again, and go abroad.

  It has been more than 9 years since I started my first overseas trip to join Chungbuk TOTO Women's Football Team.

"I am Wang Shuang of the Chinese women's football team"

  In July 2013, Wang Shuang, who was only 18 years old at the time, joined the TOTO club of the Korean league.

In her first overseas trip, she helped the club win the runner-up in the league and personally won the MVP of the Korean Women's Football Association Cup.

Data map: Wang Shuang appeared when he was abroad

  In 2018, she went to France to join the Paris Saint-Germain women's football team. She played 25 times, scored 9 goals and assisted 11 goals. With such a report card, Wang Shuang helped the team reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

In the same year, she and her teammates from the national team won the runner-up in the Asian Cup and the Asian Games, and won the title of Miss Asian Football.

  At the beginning of this year, he led the Chinese women's football team to win the Asian Cup. In July, he followed the team to win the runner-up in the East Asian Cup. This time, Wang Shuang chose to set off again to go overseas to pursue his dream.

The picture shows the 2022 East Asia Cup women's football game, Wang Shuang in the game.

Image source: ICphoto

  Looking at the resume, it is not difficult to find that Wang Shuang's overseas experience has a lot to do with her outstanding performance in the national team.

And this, perhaps at a certain level, is also a major reason for Wang Shuang to study abroad.

  From Tang Jiali, Shen Mengyu, Shen Menglu, to Zhang Linyan, Yang Shuhui and others, the addition of Wang Shuang has added another member to the overseas army of female football players.

More and more women's football players are able to go abroad, which is the recognition of the outside world for the improvement of the strength of Chinese women's football.

  In Wang Shuang's eyes, this is both pressure and motivation.

"I try to make myself better, and I try to make the Chinese women's football team visible on the world stage. Our 'restart' today is also for a better 'return'."

The experience of studying abroad for many times has made Wang Shuang well aware of his mission.

Everyone bless Wang Shuang

  After Wang Shuang officially opened the news of his third overseas trip, all parties immediately sent their best wishes to the leading striker of the Chinese women's football team.

  "When you are in a new environment, you have to have a new requirement for yourself. I hope that your life and training in the team goes well. You can improve quickly through learning, and you do a great job!" Facing the camera, the head coach of the Chinese women's football team Shui Shui Qingxia warned the disciple carefully.

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments

Image source: Screenshot of netizen comments

  "Because of dreams, my heart is always on the road." Wang Shuang's family also sent warm blessings to her.

  In the greetings, the most mentioned sentence may be to remind Wang Shuang to pay attention to his body.

Now that the epidemic has not dissipated, and the training and living environment abroad take time to adapt to, for Wang Shuang, she still has many challenges to face.

  7 is Wang Shuang's lucky number, so she chose "77" as the jersey number for the new team.

  At present, Wang Shuang has arrived in the United States to join the new coach and teammates.

I wish Xiao Wang, who will set off again, can take this luck and realize what he thinks on a broader stage.