Nationwide high school baseball in the summer where heated competition continues.

The team that reached a milestone in this year's tournament appeared on the fifth day.

Asahikawa University High School, representative of Northern Hokkaido.

The school name is scheduled to change next spring, and the players faced their final summer as "Asahikawa Odaka" with strong determination.

(Koshien coverage team, Takayama Moeka)

Founded in 1899. Participated in Koshien 10 times in the summer.

Asahikawa Odaka has a long history and was founded in 1898, more than 120 years ago.

It was 1968 when I first participated in the summer national high school baseball.

The name of the school at this time was the predecessor of Kitanihon Gakuin University High School.

Since 1980, when they participated for the second time, they have continued to participate as the current “Asahikawa Odaka”, and this time is the 10th summer Koshien.

Takahisa Suzuki, who has hit 20 or more home runs for four consecutive years at Kintetsu, a professional baseball team, is also an alumnus.

The character "KYOKUDAIKO" on the chest

And one of the features is a uniform based on dark red and white.

The characters "KYOKUDAIKO" are engraved on the chest.

Aim for victory at the milestone!

Opponent is the king of spring

However, “Asahikawa Odaka” has never won a Koshien tournament since the current uniform.

This tournament, which is a big milestone for the team, was the last chance to win, but the opponent is Osaka Toin High School, a strong team among the strong teams aiming for the third consecutive spring and summer title.

The players tried to challenge themselves with strong determination.

(Captain Ryota Hirokawa)

"I went into the match with a strong desire to win with this name on the stage of Koshien."

Pitcher Shoya Ikeda "I will do my best to meet expectations"

Pitcher Shoya Ikeda

: “It was my last challenge at Asahikawa High School, and the alumni were cheering me on, so I played with all my might to live up to their expectations.”

OB is also on the stand

In addition, alumni who once played at Koshien wearing uniforms with the same design rushed to the stands.

Tobima Ichinoto is the uncle of Sora Ichinoto, who participated in the 8th center.

(Hima Ichinoto)

“I think that all the OBs were looking forward to the match, hoping that they would win at Koshien with this uniform. I could see your appearance.”

take the lead first

“Asahikawa Odaka” aggressively attacked the spring champion without hesitation.

In the first inning, Kondo Reon created a chance to shake the ball with a safety bunt, and scored the opening goal with a sacrifice fly.

In addition, Daiki Fujita hit a two-run home run in the third inning, leading the team by three points in the early stages.

Ichinohe, whose uncle rushed to support him, folded his small body of 1.64 cm and stood at bat with a unique form that narrowed the strike zone.

Although he didn't have a good result with three strikeouts and a bat, he was able to create a rhythm by showing light movements in the center defense.

Applause from the stands for the battle that went down to the king of spring

“Asahikawa Odaka” showed their real strength to Osaka Toin after the middle stage and was reversed.

Even so, in the final offense of the 9th inning, he continued his stance of never giving up, creating chances for the bases to be loaded by desperately running the bases.

Although they didn't get the result they were aiming for, they were greeted with a big round of applause from the stands for their fighting style against the spring champion.

(Head Coach Hataba Masaharu) "This time, the people around us, including the


, were very pleased with our participation in Koshien, and I really felt the weight of our name. I wanted to return the favor by winning."

"The name of the school will change, but I want the tradition to be passed on."

"Asahikawa Odaka" who finished the last battle.

Even though the name of the school has changed, it was a battle that made me feel that I want the next generation of players to inherit the feelings that the alumni and players who participated this time have in Koshien.