[Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Huang Yaqiong

  When I separate from thinking and play with other partners, I feel that the style of play is also different, and the role it plays on the court is also different. I can clearly know where my problems are on the court.

  [Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Zheng Siwei

  During the time we have been cooperating, there are actually many problems that we are in and cannot see. After cooperating again, we actually know each other better and can complement each other better.

  [Explanation] The two in the video are Chinese badminton players Zheng Siwei and Huang Yaqiong, who are called "IELTS" by fans.

In 2021, after the Tokyo Olympics missed the championship, the "IELTS" combination fell into a bottleneck period. At the beginning of this year, the "IELTS" combination announced a split adjustment.

At the Badminton Asian Championships in April this year, the "IELTS" combination reunited and won multiple championships since then.

In the latest world ranking of the BWF, the "IELTS" combination ranks first in mixed doubles.

  [Commentary] Recalling the low period of last year, both of them said that it was a difficult time. Huang Yaqiong said that they even considered retiring for a while.

  [Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Huang Yaqiong

  Because our World Championship is a one-round tour, we also have a 21-day quarantine period when we return to China. In fact, during that time, I just thought about a lot, and I would repeatedly ask myself if I want to continue (play) or not. Retired, but after 21 days of thinking about it myself, I actually think I might just come out.

  [Explanation] Since April this year, the "IELTS" combination has won 30 consecutive victories, winning a total of six high-level championships.

Zheng Siwei said that Huang Yaqiong's encouragement to him has been extraordinary.

  [Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Zheng Siwei

  I now feel that I will feel very at ease with her on the court. In fact, my state this year is also through Yaqiong's time at the All England (Badminton Open) and slowly "support" me, including the Asian Championships, I actually The performance was not that ideal, but Yaqiong encouraged me every time she played.

  [Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Huang Yaqiong

  I think it’s more about mentality, because maybe he would not allow himself to make mistakes on the court before, but now on the court, the whole state is the feeling of moving forward slowly, we play point by point, and then Come in piece by piece.

  [Explanation] Currently entering the Paris Olympic cycle, Huang Yaqiong said that results are important, but in this cycle, the two will pay more attention to the process.

  [Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Huang Yaqiong

  I think it may be necessary to maintain confidence at that time with results, but in many cases, after winning, we will actually ignore the process, that is, only after losing, will we focus on the process.

But I think in this new cycle, what the two of us have to do now is to (make) ourselves more comprehensive. Whatever problems we may encounter on the court, we can try our best to resolve them.

  [Explanation] The preparation time for the Paris Olympics cycle is only three years. Zheng Siwei said that he hopes to participate in the Olympics as soon as possible, and then he must maintain a sprint state at all times.

  [Concurrent] Chinese badminton player Zheng Siwei

  First of all, for Paris (the Olympics), we will definitely have a goal.

The preparation period will be one year shorter than before, (yes) three years, and the age is gradually increasing, and I hope to participate in the Olympic Games as soon as possible.

I think it is still necessary to maintain a sprint state all the time. Only when you are in the present moment will you accumulate enough self-confidence and your state will get better and better.

  Reported by Dong Zeyu and Wang Yu in Beijing

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]