China News Service, Beijing, August 8th. August 8th is National Fitness Day.

At 8:08 on the same day, the launching ceremony of the "Double Olympics Chaoyang" Orson Keep Technology Smart Track was held in Beijing Olympic Forest Park, marking the official use of the track.

  The Orson Keep technology smart track is jointly built by Beijing Shiao Forest Park Development and Operation Co., Ltd. (Seao Company) and Beijing Calorie Technology Co., Ltd. (Keep) in the Olympic Forest Park.

The two parties combine the Keep online service system with the offline scenes of Orson, and provide runners with intelligent, companionable and interesting sports through service upgrades such as smart screens, running scenes, running tools, running products, and running content. experience.

  Yang Beibei, deputy head of Chaoyang District, Beijing, delivered a speech, saying, "In the 'post-Olympic' era, Chaoyang District will continue to polish the city card of "Double Olympics Chaoyang", give full play to its regional advantages, make intensive cultivation, tap potential and release energy, and further promote the "double Olympics". The construction of "Ao Chaoyang" promotes the development of national fitness, enriches the sports and cultural life of the masses, spreads scientific and healthy lifestyles, leads and drives the development of the sports industry, promotes the sharing of the results of the Double Olympics, and continuously meets the growing needs of the people for sports and fitness. The contribution to the construction of a strong country and a healthy China deserves strength."

Orson Keep Technology Smart Runway Launching Ceremony.

Photo courtesy of the organizer

  Zhao Qian, Senior Vice President of Keep, introduced the Orson Keep technology smart track and announced the launch of a public welfare plan with Orson, aiming to advocate a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable life concept, and promote national fitness and healthy Orson Development, let the scientific and technological wisdom runway play a greater social value.

Zhao Qian said that Keep will continue to work hard to create diversified and interesting high-quality courses, enrich the product system of "food, clothing, use and practice", build a new sports ecology interconnected with science and technology, and serve Chaoyang, Beijing, and healthy China with sports innovation.

  With the official use of the runway, the Orson Park will improve the sports experience of runners through the application of technology scenarios such as information technology, online accompaniment during exercise, exercise monitoring and escort guidance; in the construction of smart facilities, the park will There are multiple electronic screens built-in for daily park dynamics and smart track information display, and a human-computer interaction device is set up at the runner service station. Users can obtain professional guidance such as exercise warm-up prompts through the screen; the landing application of technology smart track, also It has realized the integration of online and offline scenarios, helping users to open the sports experience with one click, and helping to create a Beijing model of the digital economy.

  The technology smart track also adds all-round functional support. It integrates the leading sports technology of the Capital Institute of Physical Education and medical and health data analysis technology. Through sports health data monitoring, sports posture capture and correction, and tracking service guidance, offline technology sports scene application and The online scientific sports health guidance will truly build the 10-kilometer technology smart track into a sports technology experience platform for enjoying a smart future, build it into a national technology smart track benchmark, and continue to contribute to the construction of "Double Olympics Chaoyang". City" to push the national fitness cause to a higher level.

  According to reports, in the future, through long-term cooperation, Shiao Company and Keep will focus on the main direction of "three modernizations" construction in Chaoyang District, highlight the characteristics of "double Olympics", and intelligently upgrade the Orson Keep track and runner service station.

  At the launching ceremony, three children from the Keep "Dream Stadium" public welfare project in the mountainous area recited "The Poem of the Runway" for everyone.

"The Poetry of the Runway" is an important part of the Orson Keep Technology Smart Runway, which aims to inspire more running enthusiasts with the runner's manifesto.

"What is sports? Sports is the flame of life." "The world is a big stadium, let me run as much as I can." Children from Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County in Sichuan and Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County in Guangxi sang them in their tender voices Inner sports dream.

  At the end of the ceremony, Wu Xiaojun, director of Chaoyang District Sports Bureau, Song Chaorong, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Beijing Shiao Forest Park Development and Operation Co., Ltd., and Peng Wei, co-founder and senior vice president of Keep, led the first run of Orson Keep Technology Smart Track. issue an order.

As the 200 runners in the running group set off, the Orson Keep technology smart track was officially put into use.

  He Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Capital Institute of Physical Education, Fu Xiaohui, Party Secretary and Director of Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center, Meng Qianghua, Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Meng Rui, Deputy Head of Chaoyang District, and Party Committee of Beijing Shiao Forest Park Development and Management Co., Ltd. Secretary and Chairman Qi Baoliang attended the launching ceremony.