He remembers it like it was yesterday.

Sweet hockey memories that are never erased, even though many years have passed.

He only needs to close his eyes to clearly see the family in a shaking caravan cheering on the Swedish national team.

- The national team is special to me and I never want to say no when I'm called.

Swedish successes in sports have given me the strongest memories I carry with me, says Jesper Wallstedt.

In the past, players such as Lucas Raymond, William Eklund and Alexander Holtz have turned down games for various reasons.

These three are the most high-profile, but others such as the promising back Mattias Hävelid have also chosen other than blue-yellow this summer.

For Wallstedt there were never any doubts.

- I cannot answer for them.

They certainly have their reasons.

I just know that I reason differently.

"Must beat our personal best"

He carries a lot of pressure on his shoulders.

If the junior crowns are to succeed in this tournament, he needs to perform at his absolute top level.

No one doubts that he has the potential to carry the team as the last outpost, but it must also be done.

- I think we all have to beat our personal best if we are to win the gold.

We also need to come together as a team.

The chemistry is already there, but we also have to get involved.

He claims to be in the shape of his life physically.

- I have previously lived a lot on my talent, but in recent years I have understood what is required of a professional.

This summer I have built up my fitness and can maintain a longer focus.