Nationwide high school baseball in the summer where heated competition continues.

In the 4th match of the 3rd day, a special cheering song was played at the alps seat of Funabashi Municipal High School in Chiba.

Its name is "city ship soul".

A graduate who passed away at the young age of 20 due to illness made this song "for the baseball club" when he was a member of the brass band.

(Koshien coverage team, Wataru Yamazaki)

god support song

Municipal Funabashi participates in summer Koshien for the first time in 15 years.

In the first round, they bounced back from a 5-point difference and won a dramatic goodbye.

"Ichifune soul" was performed in the Alps seats at important moments in the 8th inning when they tied the score and the 9th inning when they scored the winning goal.

“When you play, your chances widen and you can score.”

At school, it's called "Kami/Oueenkyoku".

After the game, the baseball club players also said, "This song gave me strength."

Pitcher Tetsusei Morimoto timely in the 8th inning

"He burned our hearts. Koshien and the ground were united, and thanks to the support, we were able to play boldly."

Captain Eitaro Miya "When we heard 'Ichifune

soul', we all thought 'I've come', and from there it became an atmosphere to attack firmly. Thanks to 'Ichifune soul' from the Chiba tournament, we won. I think it came

premature death

Taigi Asano is the person who created such a “Kami/Ouenkyoku”.

He belonged to the brass band club at Municipal Funabashi and was in charge of the trombone.

When he was in his third year of high school, he said, "The baseball club needs an original cheering song."

However, in 2015, after graduating, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and died in January 2017 at the age of 20.

At his farewell ceremony, the graduates of the brass band club played "Ichifune soul", and the cheering phrase "Attack, protect, decide, Ichifune" was changed to "Great cause, cause, cause, cause". and mourned his death.

Alps seat or local

Mr. Asano's mother, Keiko (57), watched the match at the Alps seat where "Ichibune soul" was played.

In the summer of the year before Mr. Asano passed away, Funabashi City had advanced to the finals of the Chiba tournament.

At that time, Mr. Asano, who was fighting an illness, rushed to the stadium and played the trombone, but he was one step away from achieving his dream of "Ichisen soul at Koshien."

Ms. Asano's mother, Keiko:

"I didn't expect you to come to Koshien so quickly. I'm sure Ogi will come to the Koshien stand and cheer for us together." .

I feel like I'm laughing at this song

In Funabashi City, more than 400 kilometers from Koshien Stadium, Mr. Asano's grandfather, Mr. Tadayoshi (85), watched the game on TV.

He said that immediately after Mr. Asano passed away, his friends said to him, "Take the cause to Koshien."

Mr. Asano's grandfather, Mr. Tadayoshi:

"Those words have become a reality, and it's like a dream. At that time, my friends visited me almost every day to pay their respects, and my life was loved by many people. I am grateful that not only my friends but also high school students today love this song and have passed it on.”

"This is soul, isn't it?"

Immediately after "Ichifune soul" pushed the players' backs and won the goodbye, Mr. Tadayoshi was crying and hugging the picture of Mr. Asano hanging from his neck.

the music lived on

"My music will live on,"

Asano said during his lifetime.

"Ichifune soul" was performed at Koshien for the first time this summer.

One song of the soul left by one young man echoes to the heavens, and the soul of Mr. Asano continues to live as music in the hearts of everyone, including athletes, juniors, and families. It made me feel