Professional baseball Hanshin announced on the 9th that last season's stolen base kings, Takumu Nakano and pitcher Aaron Wilkerson, were infected with the new coronavirus.

Nine Hanshin players have been confirmed to be infected this month.

According to the team, Nakano and Wilkerson were tested positive for the new coronavirus on the 9th.

Nakano has no symptoms, and Wilkerson has a fever, a headache, and a sore throat. Player registration has been cancelled.

Nakano, who won the title of stolen base king last season in his second year, has participated in all games since the opening of the season so far this season, and has a batting average of 20%, 7 minutes, and 2 rins, and has 17 stolen bases, which ranks third in the league. I was.

Pitcher Wilkerson, who has been in Japan for the first time, has pitched in 14 games and won 5 so far.

In Hanshin, infections such as Yusuke Oyama, the main player, have been confirmed, and the number of players confirmed to be infected this month will be nine, including the two on the 9th.

In addition, outfielder Yoshio Itoi was deregistered as a special player on the 9th due to the detection of suspected infection as a result of the test.

Hanshin will continue to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures and continue team activities.