Barcelona club president Joan Laporta acknowledged the role of the United States and Mexico in the history of the Catalan club, and said that the team was threatened with demise, had it not been for funds collected from the two countries.

Laporta stated that the club was threatened with bankruptcy and demise in 1936 due to the consequences of the civil war in Spain that lasted between 1936 and 1939, but the money collected from a tour of the club in the United States and Mexico contributed to reviving the club's treasury and gave it a new life.

The Barcelona president said, in statements reported by the Spanish newspaper "Sport", "We have a debt to Mexico and the United States of America, and the presence of Barcelona today is thanks to the tour that we took there during the civil war, we had the opportunity to do a tour that began in 1936. The money raised was put In an account in Paris, and that money saved Barcelona; we were threatened with demise, and that money formed a reserve that allowed the club to continue working."

Laporta opened the door for a future tour of the Catalan club in Mexico, after he finally returned to participate in preparatory matches in the United States of America.

Barcelona won the Joan Gamper Cup on Sunday after a landslide 6-0 victory over Mexican Pumas, in preparation for the new season.

Barcelona will play its first match in the Spanish League on August 13, when it meets its guest, Rayo Vallecano.