New York Mets' Jacob DeGrom, the 'best pitcher' who returned from injury, performed a terrifying strikeout in his return home game.

He struck out a whopping 12 of 17 outs.

DeGrom pitcher, who has been injured for the first time in 13 months since July of last year, has climbed to the city field mound, his home stadium, and boasted a tremendous performance throughout the game.

With a fastball of 163.5 km/h and a slider of 154 km/h, he completely overwhelms the Atlanta lineup.

He had a perfect streak, striking out 12 of 17 batters through the 6th to out.

After that, he gave up two runs with a walk and a home run, but he became the winning pitcher for the first time in 14 months since June last year, and the Mets, who won 5-2, sprinted to the top of the division six and a half games.