China News Service, Beijing, August 5th. According to the China Go Association, the second round of the 2022 Huawei Mobile Cup China Go League A regular season ended on the 4th in Changxing, Zhejiang.

In the match between Mi Yuting and Shen Zhenzhen, Mi Yuting defeated his opponent with white, thus ending Shen Zhenzhen's 24-game winning streak against Chinese players in the past year or so.

  The focus of this round is Jiangsu Jiachen team Mi Yuting against Supor Hangzhou team Shen Zhenzhen.

The two have faced each other 11 times in various competitions before, and Mi Yuting has 3 wins, 7 losses and 1 loss, and is at a disadvantage.

The last time Mi Yuting defeated Shen Zhenzhen was in the sixth round of the regular season on June 7 last year.

This time, Mi Yuting was in excellent condition, and finally ended Shen Zhenzhen's 24-game winning streak against Chinese players in the past year or so, and helped Jiangsu Jiachen team beat the defending champion Supor Hangzhou team 3:1.

  The match between Ke Jie of Shenzhen Longhua team and Shen Minjun of Rizhao Shanhai Elephant Team also attracted attention.

The last time the two faced off was in the round of 16 of the 27th LG Cup in May this year, when Ke Jie won the black mid-table.

This time, Shen Minzhen met Ke Jie again as a foreign aid, and the situation was extremely intense. However, when the AI ​​gave a winning rate of 68%, Ke Jie misjudged the throw and conceded defeat. His opponent, Shen Minzhen, was very surprised.

  After this round, 5 teams including Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Team, Jiajia Food Tianjin Team, Shanghai Jianqiao Academy Team, Jiangsu Jiachen and Jiangxi Jindalai Environmental Protection Team won two consecutive victories.

The luxury team Shenzhen Longhua, with three world champions, Ke Jie, Pu Tinghuan and Shiyue, suffered a losing streak.