Programmers of big Internet companies often laugh at themselves that "no one wants to be at 35", but Cristiano Ronaldo encountered the same troubles.

  Recently, the 37-year-old superstar wanted to leave Manchester United in search of a new owner, but encountered clear rejections from many giants including Bayern, Atletico Madrid and Juventus.

Moreover, these closed doors are particularly hot. For example, Bayern clearly stated that "Cristiano Ronaldo does not conform to our club's philosophy", and Atletico Madrid fans even raised banners to boycott and said: "Cristiano Ronaldo!" Controversy and doubts surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo There are more and more voices, and this player, known for his self-disciplined professionalism, seems to have suddenly become a "public enemy of the whole people".

  This is how the same thing?

  Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United have one year left in their contract. Since Manchester United are not eligible for the Champions League next season, Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to switch to a club that can play in the Champions League. A record of 20 consecutive seasons in the Champions League.

  There is only one year left on the contract, and the player intends to find a new owner, which was originally considered a "routine operation".

However, when it comes to Ronaldo this time, it seems to be worth scrutinizing.

  Cristiano Ronaldo's reputation is too great, and his transfer intention has become a secret known to the world. Whether such publicity is intentional or helpless, it will cause great passiveness to the current club Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo's public attitude may Let other teams occupy a favorable position in the negotiation and have greater bargaining initiative.

  The more critical issue is that it is Manchester United, which is of great significance to Ronaldo's career, who is put in an embarrassing situation by Ronaldo.

A year ago, when Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford, his reunion with Manchester United was rumored to be a good story, and his personal brand image also gained a lot from it. Should be so decisive against Manchester United.

  Although Manchester United failed to get the Champions League seat last season, it is considered to be tactically good for Ronaldo, and the stars have allowed Ronaldo to maintain good personal data.

  Another problem that C Ronaldo angered many fans is that he not only wants to leave, but also is unwilling to sacrifice any personal interests or take a pay cut.

In the European football world, which is generally not prosperous at present, rich giants are unwilling to bear the high salary of a veteran, and are more willing to spend their funds on young players. It is more difficult for ordinary teams to accommodate a "whale" like Ronaldo.

And the longer Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer is pending, the greater the impact on Manchester United's preparations for the new season.

  Modern football operates on the basis of commercial logic. It is understandable that players and clubs are divided and combined. It is already a luxury to be able to grow old with the club with which you have the most affection.

Even Messi, who is also called "the peerless double pride" with Ronaldo, has left Barcelona.

  There are also cases of conflicts and unhappy breakups between superstars and their "parent teams".

However, it is relatively rare for Ronaldo to make a clear-cut call for a transfer just because the team can't win the Champions League.

Football is not only bound by contracts, but has various emotional bonds, which is the fundamental reason why it is different from pure commercial activities.

Therefore, whether it is a player or a club, if they are blindly talking about business or "goal-oriented", they will inevitably become the target of fans in similar disputes.

  Of course, this is not just the responsibility of Cristiano Ronaldo. The strong operation of his gold agent Mendes is also a major reason-Mendez, who has long been accustomed to calling the shots in the transfer market, even proposed that Manchester United renew the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo first. And then the arrogant request to loan Ronaldo out.

  It is impossible for an agent to sympathize with the relationship between the player and the parent team. This emotional separation can sometimes help the players maximize their interests, and sometimes it will “overturn” in the process of seeking to maximize the benefits.

  As an individual, Ronaldo remains an exemplary dedicated player.

However, after this transfer controversy, many Manchester United fans who once regarded him as one of the team's historical banner figures may change their minds.

Not only that, the emotions about football are common, and fans of other clubs can easily substitute for the situation of Manchester United fans, empathizing with them, it is not surprising that Ronaldo has become a "public enemy of the whole people".

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhao Liangchen