At the union ceremony of the Japanese national team to participate in the World Championships in Athletics held in the United States this month, Yuki Hashioka, a men's long jump player, said, "I want to do my best to achieve better records and results than last time."

The World Championships in Athletics will begin on the 15th in Oregon, USA, with 68 men and women from Japan participating.

On the 7th, the Japan national team's unity ceremony was held remotely, with Hashioka, a men's long jumper who won the prize at the Tokyo Olympics last year, and Kitaguchi, a women's javelin thrower who won the world's highest competition, the Diamond League for the first time last month. Haruka was selected as the captain.

Of these, Hashioka said that he had been practicing with an awareness of using muscles in a well-balanced manner for the world championships, which will be the second consecutive tournament. I wish I could face it while doing it. "

Hashioka marked 7 meters and 97 centimeters in the previous tournament and finished in 8th place, and was the first Japanese to win a prize in this event. I was talking.