Five games were played in professional baseball, and the Central League leader Yakult was extended to the second-place giant, losing goodbye and losing for the first time in about two months.

Central League

▽ Giants vs. Yakult extended 10 times, Giants won 4 to 3 by goodbye.

Win, pitcher Kuwahara 2 wins and 1 defeat.

Losing, pitcher Taguchi 1 defeat 1 save.

Home run, Giants Nakata No. 8, Oshiro No. 6, Kazuma Okamoto No. 21.

The giant decided the game with Yoshikawa's two-base hit as a two-out first base and second base in the 10th inning of 3 to 3.

The seventh pitcher, Takuya Kuwahara, has won the second victory, and the giant has won three consecutive victories.

Yakult showed tenacity to catch up with the tie in the 8th inning, but the fifth pitcher Taguchi was struck and lost for the first time in 15 cards with two consecutive losses for the first time in about two months.

▽ In Hanshin vs. Hiroshima, Hanshin won 3-2.

Wins, pitcher Yuki Nishi 5 wins and 6 losses.

Save, Pitcher Iwasaki 1 win, 3 losses, 17 saves.

Losing, pitcher Tokoda 7 wins and 5 losses.

Home run, Hiroshima Sakakura player No. 8.

Hanshin caught up with Hojo's two-point timely hit from bases loaded with two outs in the 4th inning of 0 to 2, followed by Yamamoto's timely victory.

Starting pitcher Yuki Nishi is the fifth win for the first time in about a month with two goals in the middle of the seventh inning.

Hanshin has won Hiroshima for the first time this season and has won three consecutive victories.

In Hiroshima, starting pitcher Hiroki Tokoda was tenacious with 3 runs in the 7th inning, but the hit line was limited to 2 hits.

▽ DeNA vs. China-Japan, DeNA won 3 to 1.

Win, pitcher Onuki 6 wins and 3 losses.

Save, pitcher Yamazaki 2 defeats 17 saves.

Losing, pitcher Ogasawara 3 wins and 6 losses.

DeNA took the lead in the first three points with Daejeon's timely, Maki's sacrifice fly, and Miyazaki's timely two-base, and escaped with the opponent's counterattack to one point.

Starting pitcher Onuki is the sixth win with one goal in the fifth inning.

Pitcher Yamazaki marked the 17th save without allowing the four relief teams to score.

Chunichi didn't take advantage of his chances and lost three games in a row.

Pacific League

▽ Lotte vs. Nippon-Ham, Lotte won 5-4.

Win, Romero pitcher 7 wins and 4 losses.

Save, pitcher Masuda 1 loss 20 saves.

Losing, pitcher Uehara 2 wins and 3 losses.

Home run, Lotte Yamaguchi No. 6.

Nippon-Ham Fighter Kiyomiya No. 9.

Lotte made a comeback by scoring 4 points in the 4th inning of 1 to 2, with Inoue and Toshiya Sato's continuous sacrifice fly and Yamaguchi's No. 6 Touran.

From the middle of the 6th inning, the pitcher relay shook off the opponent's counterattack.

Starting pitcher Romero is the 7th win with 4 runs in the middle of the 6th inning.

Pitcher Masuda has reached 20 saves for 4 consecutive years.

Nippon-Ham lost to 20 in a row with 3 losses, the highest number this season.

▽ In Orix vs. Seibu, Seibu won 5-4 in the 11th inning.

Win, pitcher Sasaki 2 wins.

Losing, pitcher Kondo 1 win 2 losses 1 save.

Home run, Seibu / Yamakawa player No. 25.

Orix Sugimoto No. 10 and Masataka Yoshida No. 8.

Seibu won the 11th inning of 4 to 4 in a timely manner from No Out third base to Mori.

The seventh pitcher, Sasaki, who relieved from the middle of the 10th inning, held down 11 times and won the second victory.

Orix hit No. 8 Touran, where Masataka Yoshida caught up with the tie in the 8th inning, but fell into double play at the chance of goodbye in the 10th inning.

Giants Shigeo Nagashima Lifetime Honorary Director Watches Yakult Battle

Giants Shigeo Nagashima, Honorary Director for Life, visited the Yakult game at Tokyo Dome on the night of the 6th.

Mr. Nagashima watched the game from the seats for the people involved behind the back net, and when the figure was projected on the main vision toward the center during the game, applause was sent from the stand and he waved his hand to respond.

In the game, Sho Nakata, who directly instructed batting in the 2nd army on June 12, hit the first solo home run No. 8 in the second inning, and the giant led 3 to 1 in 3 solo home runs. ..

In the 8th inning, he was caught up with a tie and entered the extension, but in the 10th inning, he made a chance with a two-out first base and second base, and No. 1 Naoki Yoshikawa hit a two-base hit, and the giant won the goodbye 4-3.

The game difference between the 2nd place giant and the 1st place Yakult is now 11.5.

Nakata, who hit a home run on the 23rd of last month when Mr. Nagashima watched the game, said after the match, "I am very happy to hit a home run in front of Mr. Nagashima. I have two shorts, "he said about the new initiative.

On top of that, he said, "It's unlikely that you would bother to come to the stadium of the 2nd army and get guidance, and I think it will be a fortune in your future baseball life."